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The Fight To Save Social Security Won’t Be Over Whoever Wins The Election, Come To The Welfare Action Gathering – 30th May

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Originally posted on the void:

welfare-action-flyerfrom Boycott Workfare

Saturday 30th May, 10.30am-5.30pm, London Welsh Centre (10 minutes’ walk from King’s Cross station)

Faced with policies that are pushing ever more people into precarity and poverty, thousands of us have been coming together to support each other. We are pushing back workfare, standing up to sanctions, challenging the work capability assessment and fighting insecure, unaffordable housing.

If you are concerned about:

  • Job centres being places of intimidation and sanctions,
  • Private providers bullying claimants on ‘welfare-to-work’ schemes,
  • 35 hour jobsearch under Universal Credit,
  • ESA assessments putting sick and disabled people in fear of destitution,
  • Welfare rights for young people being abolished and replaced with unpaid work,
  • Workfare being required to be eligible for social housing,
  • Housing benefit being part of sanctions under Universal Credit,
  • Claimants in work being sanctioned under Universal Credit too…

…then do something about it and come to the Welfare Action Gathering to hear…

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28/03/2015 at 11:52 AM

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Twitter user posts picture of racist attacker on Twitter – and gets trolled

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Smiling Carcass:

We should be using the technology more and more to identify not just racist thugs but other unsavoury characters.

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

A Twitter user tweeted a photograph of a racist attacking him in his car:

racist attack

But Pritpal Singh – who was targeted because he is a Sikh – managed to stop the attack by taking out his phone and taking a picture of his racist attacker:

racist attack2

However, Pritpal then started finding himself being trolled on Twitter – by people who objected to the idea of publicly naming and shaming racists.

In my opinion, if someone doesn’t want to be named and shamed for a racist attack – don’t racist attack anyone.

It’s not rocket science.


Please feel free to comment. And share.

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28/03/2015 at 11:17 AM

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Cameron’s hypocrisy over food banks…in his own words!!

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Smiling Carcass:

‘Nuff said.

Originally posted on SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites):

Today on Twitter a political gem was unearthed in a speech by David Cameron full of moral outrage and indignation from November 2005 at the shocking use of foodbanks under the last Labour government.

Earlier this year, we learnt from the Citizens Advice Bureau of a single mother who had to rely on a Salvation Army food parcel to survive. A Salvation Army food parcel, in this, the fourth richest country in the world, run by a Labour government,

That was in November 2005.  Now lets look at what Cameron’s record on foodbanks

foodbankuse since 2005

Cameron’s moral indignation at 3000 cases of foodbank use in 2005 yet under his policies by 2012/13 this had grown to 347,000.  115 times greater use

In 2013/14 Cameron tripled this again to 913,000 and that is just from the Trussell Trust foodbanks and does not include the many others too.

There is only one thing worse for a…

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25/03/2015 at 11:34 AM

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RTB for housing associations – Will the 7 stone weaklings finally man up?

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Smiling Carcass:

“…If you want to stay ‘merely’ renting you must be a second class citizen with a second-class mentality as surely everyone wants to be part of the great property owning democracy!”

Aside from a spell in bedsit land ain my early 20s, I have lived in council accommodation all my life- as a child/adult with my parents and as a council tenant.

I dislike intensely the term ‘social housing’, but what a great coup the sell off- or rather gifting- of council properties to HAs was! Once they were in the hands of these privateers, we needed a new way to describe them- social housing- so we become the second class citizens Joe describes and many struggle to buy to leave this perceived disgrace behind.

I think we need a new term to describe so-called ‘social tenants’ like myself who are and ever will be perfectly happy to rent from my local council, and those who were bullied by their councils into allowing the big giveaway of our council homes. Not because we are second class citizens but because we believe in Aneurin Bevan’s concept of ‘homes for all’ and not ‘homes for the needy’.

Might I suggest rather than calling it the insulting ‘social housing’ we start to call it something less discourteous; perhaps community housing or maybe public rented housing?

Originally posted on SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites):

Last time I went Intercity there were a couple across the aisle having sex. Of course, this being a British train, nobody said anything. Then they finished, they both lit up a cigarette and this woman stood up and said, Excuse me, I think you’ll find this is a non-smoking compartment.
—  Victoria Wood


Whether this is hot air or kite flying or genuine policy proposal…

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24/03/2015 at 9:49 AM

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The sheer bloody lunacy of RTB and welfare reform (sic) – They cost the taxpayer MORE

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Smiling Carcass:

It is my considered opinion that benefit reductions and caps are not at all designed to save money; rather, they are designed to bugger up the welfare system by claiming the costs are too high and justify further austerity!

Originally posted on SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites):

If ever you wish for a cast iron example of political policy and local council lunacy then you will find it here in an article in 24 dash housing released today.

The London borough of Westminster has bought back 45 council flats at an average cost of over £400,000 that it sold under the right to buy for less than £100,000 each!

What a way to waste £12 million of public money by the Tory council there and the reason for this lunacy, the current welfare reform policy of Tory central government!


The welfare reform of capping Local Housing Allowance or LHA – the private rented sector version of housing benefit – means that LB Westminster has seen a huge surge in private renting tenants being evicted by private landlords as housing benefit (LHA) no longer covers the rent.

This means these evicted families become the duty of the council…

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24/03/2015 at 9:21 AM

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Iain Duncan Smith’s Plan To Privatise … Everything?

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Originally posted on the void:

iain-duncan-smith-image-2Plans are underway to place up to one trillion pounds of public spending in the hands of investment companies and bankers.

Iain Duncan Smith gave a speech at the Social Investment Conference last week discussing how Social Impact Bonds are “transforming the whole culture of public spending”.  These bonds are the latest way to funnel tax payer’s money into the private sector by allowing investment companies to hand out contracts to run public services on a payment by results model.

The way it works is simple.  A bunch of city spivs and social enterprise bosses get together and decide they can fix a social problem such as street homelessness.  A list of ‘outcomes’ are drawn up, such as the number of homeless people they think can place in accommodation and the government agrees to give them lots of our money if they are successful.  The spivs then either lend or…

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24/03/2015 at 9:10 AM

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The ‘Trickle Up’ Effect.

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We’ve all heard of the ‘trickle down’ effect; this is where giving businesspersons the freedom to run their business, unconstrained by employment protection legislation and trades unions means they make money and some of this money will inevitably ‘trickle down’ to the employee. GUFFAW!


I’d like to propose an alternative; the ‘trickle up’ effect; I have always maintained a happy workforce is a productive workforce. Pay your employees well, give them decent working hours and conditions and they will produce the goods and services that generate profit.

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18/03/2015 at 9:39 AM

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