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History Repeats Itself, or The Decline and Fall of the Tory Empire

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“A possible future: The city of London is sacked by barbarian hordes. As a priest watches from the steps of St Paul’s, a burly Brixtonian drags David Cameron away from his wife Samantha. “

Did you know that the fall of the Roman Empire began when its richest citizens decided not to pay their taxes anymore and withdrew to their private estates? Public services were divided up and sold off, and the bulk of the tax burden was placed on the poor, who were in no position to pay up.

via Vox Political- read the full post here- History Repeats Itself, or The Decline and Fall of the Tory Empire.


Private Contractor ATOS Criticised by MPs

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Mark Hoban, the employment minister said “…it was unhelpful to “demonise” the system with “adverse media coverage”.

But it’s ok to demonise the disabled- and the poor in general with cherry-picked stories (some of dubious heritage) of scroungers and skivers?

Reading this I have to say anybody else reading it who still thinks the government is right, go and buy yourself a nice black shirt, armband to match… oh, and don’t forget your nice, official looking peaked cap.

Written by Smiling Carcass

05/05/2013 at 6:04 PM

Show Your Dissent!

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For those considering or who have decided not to vote; you think it isn’t worth it because they are all much alike. But when you think ‘all alike’ I will assume you mean the Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats. And I agree; but a vote for an independent or a fringe party will not make a difference- or will it?

Consider this; in your area, one of these three is elected with, let’s say a 30% turn out. Imagine, if the other 70% voted! Firstly, in my area there were five choices; the big three and UKIP or the Greens; if the other 70% voted for either one, they would be elected instead. A vote for a fringe party is not a wasted vote IF you get out and do it! Remember, they were all fringe parties once!

Even if your vote doesn’t elect an alternative choice, when the analysis of the voting is done, a massive turnout with large numbers voting against the ‘three’ will be as significant as a landslide victory for anybody.

We need to show our dissent- we need to go out and vote, if we cannot vote for them THEN VOTE AGAINST THEM!

Written by Smiling Carcass

02/05/2013 at 8:20 AM

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