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Fuel Rip-Off

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I have just sent the following email-

“To Ian Marchant, Scottish Power, Phil Bentley, E.ON, Vincent Derivaz, Volker Beckers
Subject Global gas prices
Message Dear Sir,

The paltry reductions some of you are offering and the refusal by others to budge on retail prices is a disgrace.

When global prices increase, the retail price rise is immediate. When global prices decrease, we have to wait and get only a relatively small percentage of the price reduction (if any!).

Even people who are working are now finding fuel bills increasingly difficult to pay. I shudder to think how those in receipt of benefits manage.

It is my view that the utilities gas, electricity and water should not have been privatised and should be re-nationalised WITHOUT compensation. This is not a popular view, but unless prices are affordable more and more people will come to accept this opinion as reasonable.

Act now; show your captive customers you are reasonable, that you understand, and dare I venture that you care?”

If you agree, go to Rip-off bills: Contact a boss and make your feelings known to the fuel barons. Use the standard email offered, feel free to use and/or modify mine or compose your own. But let them know, enough is enough!


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22/01/2012 at 1:21 PM

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