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Not titled ‘1671’

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I earned, after tax £324 this week. A goodly sum, you might think; especially those reliant on £71 a week to survive. And yet, this Saturday night, I am, after, I admit a few small luxuries stony broke.

Oh yes, the bills, at least for this month are paid. There’s food in the freezer and I have a drink to enjoy at home.

If this is the limit (and it is!) of my pleasures, my reward for a 48 hour hard working week, how much harder is it for the unfortunate folk who rely on benefits, how much harder now when they are told they must do more, or lose their entitlement because ‘the country cannot afford it’?

Well, Mr. Politician, I AM THE COUNTRY! You can take more from me in taxation if that is the cost. I will share my good fortune with those less fortunate if that is what is needed. What I resent is then rich becoming richer, the poor becoming poorer and the hard workers paying for it while the wealthy become wealthier by buying and selling my labour and/or the goods I produce.


Written by Smiling Carcass

19/10/2013 at 11:38 PM

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Dennis Skinner: ‘The Beast’ Shows Softer Side

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This impassioned speech genuinely brought tears to my eyes. Such a heartfelt plea is rarely heard from today’s career politicians, whose focus is spin and deceit.

You will note how Cameron turned away from Dennis as he attempted to defend ATOS and his, his ministers and his party’s atrocious treatment of the sick, disabled and needy.

Despite the headline “Dennis Skinner: ‘The Beast’ Shows Softer Side” and despite Dennis’s reputation for his ‘no prisoners’ stance, this is a man of great compassion; of great feeling and of great caring. He knows liberalist socialism will not defeat the real beast of capitalism and greed. He knows that only a strong and wilful- and yes, sometimes aggressive opposition, not just in parliament but also to capitalism in general is the only way we will bring about a fairer and more equitable society. He know that in the fight for justice, as in any fight there will be casualties. He knows we must minimise the casualties, but the fight must go on.

But while we quite rightly laud Dennis, we must not fail by using this speech to merely advance our socialist agenda; we must not forget the poor man whose last year of life was not only ravaged by his medical condition, but then this burden was exacerbated by the ‘medical’ assessment that stripped him of the little help he deserved- and paid for throughout his working life. We must neither forget his poor widow, who lived this imposition with him and is now left alone to wonder why.

He is the last of the crusaders; the last of a line of great socialist politicians. I can only hope he instils in some young prospective politicians the will to continue the fight.

Written by Smiling Carcass

19/10/2013 at 3:34 PM

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