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George Osborne’s Budget Was Class War, Let’s Give The Bastard What He Wants

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the void

class-war-stencil.gif Who the fuck has got fifteen grand a year to spare that they can stash in an ISA to take advantage of George Osborne’s so-called saver’s revolution?

The answer is George Osborne, his parents, and everyone he knows.  The same could be said about David Cameron, Nick Clegg, David Miliband and even Nigel Farage.  And that is the reason why high earners with whopping savings are now presented as the norm in the UK – and the only people that matter to all of the main political parties.

The reality is that the average weekly wage is just over £500 a week, which doesn’t leave much room for an ISA if that’s all a family has to live on.  Around 5 million people are paid below the living wage, and another five million or so live from hand to mouth on meagre benefits.  Nearly six and a half million households…

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25/03/2014 at 9:28 AM

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Ian Bone

Miliband’s timidity is alarming some Labour right wingers leave alone the few lefties still in the party. Lead down to 1% in the polls. The endlessly repeated mantra ‘ hard working families’, the likes of Rachel Reeve committing Labour to tory spending plans and welfare cuts, the waffling refusal to answer simple questions by party spokespeople.

There is a huge gap to the left of Labour – there for the taking. The last week has seen members of Left Unity coming forward as CW candidates and a positive endorsement from Johnny Void in one of the most read political blogs in the country. Small things in themselves but in politics momentum is everything. We have it.

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25/03/2014 at 9:27 AM

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R.I.P. Tony Benn

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Tony Benn

The world is a poorer place for the loss of Tony Benn.

One rarely hears a man speak so convincingly, so honestly; much less a politician.

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14/03/2014 at 9:06 AM

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Concentration camps for the workless

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And you thought it couldn’t happen in Britain’s great democracy; are you thinking ‘yes, but not in this day and age’?

Think again.


> Part of the Great British history they don’t teach you at school – how the jobless were treated in the 1920s and 30s… and who’d bet against camps returning again ?

During the prolonged unemployment of the 1920s the British government proposed a scheme for transferring labour from the worse effected areas to training schemes in the South of England. For this purpose an Industrial Transference Board was set up in 1928 to monitor and control the transfer of labour form unemployment black-spots. The ITB soon brought to the attention of the Ministry of Labour a ‘class‘ of men not easily fitted into the broader scheme, men deemed ‘soft and temporarily demoralised through prolonged unemployment‘. These men were considered a danger to the morale of the other men and were considered unfit for transfer until they had been ‘hardened’.

The scheme for ‘hardening’ in Labour Camps…

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11/03/2014 at 8:33 AM

Cowardly Iain Duncan Smith Avoids Protesters

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Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith MP, has been accused of being a coward after making a quick escape via the back door of a Jobcentre, rather than confront a group of protesters waiting for him outside.

Iain Duncan Smith was visiting a Jobcentre in Bath to see how a trial of his flagship Universal Credit welfare reform, which rolls a number of state benefits into one single monthly payment, was performing in the city.

Around 26 protesters had gathered in front of the Jobcentre hoping to confront the Tory MP after a local council report suggested that coalition welfare cuts were fuelling a housing crisis in the city.

According to the report, Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms had resulted in a surge in social housing waiting lists and an increase in eviction notices being issued against local tenants.

Rather than meet with protesters to answer…

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10/03/2014 at 4:58 PM

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How do you fight disability hate crime if the police are the perpetrators?

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Vox Political


An attack on a disabled man is being investigated by the local police and crime commissioner and the Independent Police Complaints Commission – because the victim said it was committed by on-duty police officers.

Bedfordshire’s police commissioner has said the alleged attack may have been a disability hate crime, but the force has stirred up anger by refusing to suspend the two constables while the investigation takes place.

Faruk Ali, who has autism and learning difficulties, allegedly suffered the assault as he stood in his slippers, next to the dustbins outside his family home.

He says – in a story confirmed by neighbours – that he was grabbed by one policeman, pushed to the floor, and thrown against some wheelie-bins before being chased screaming into the house. There, family members said the assault continued and one of the officers punched the victim.

The two accused policemen did not immediately report…

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Ian Bone

Freedom is to cease publication from next issue and go online with a freesheet for those without access to the net. I’m sure this is the right decision – the sad fact is that no one – apart from those heroic Stakhanovites at STRIKE – wants to street sell papers anymore. Full Stop.
Yet at the same time anarchist blogs feature highly in the TOP 100 POLITICAL BLOGS IN THE UK. Johnnie Void’s blog………………regularly in the Top Ten with my own lurking in the top 70s. Freedom should be able to quickly establish itself with a similar readership.
So Farewell then……irritating, annoying, and occasionally brilliant……Freedom was the first anarchist paper I ever read and doubtless many others. When the plumed feathered shire horses pause outside the White Hart and Angel Alley no doubt Whitechapel High Street will be thronged with bare headed costermongers muttering ‘ you could leave yer front…

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10/03/2014 at 12:49 AM

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