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Why, Fucking Why?

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Never mind the statistics; Hitler killed well over 6,000,000- based on statistics.

Why do we stand for the shit that is being poured down our throats on a daily basis?

Because we’re ‘British’ and it just ain’t done; it ain’t cricket.

Well, when was the last time you played cricket, Mr. Coal Miner; when did you make your last run, Mr. Steel worker and when Mr. Ship Builder did you last scream ‘Ow’zat?’

I’ll hazard a guess- rarely- and certainly not when you saw your jobs evaporate to the profit of a wealthy businessman or the future of a wealthy politician.


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29/05/2014 at 10:49 PM

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I Love Tax!

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When I sit here, paying my bills with £332 in the bank, I wonder, in some small way I think, how the hell do these folks who have nothing but a paltry £71, or whatever today’s benefits are, manage?

Where the fuck are my taxes going? I do not want them buying nuclear missiles; I do not want them paying for idle, self serving MPs.

I want those taxes in the pockets of those that most need them; I want the poor to be richer; I want to see MY money, paid in taxes where they are most needed; to those less fortunate. And if one or two hangers-on take advantage of my contribution, so be it so long as those less fortunate are not relegated to the depths of despair, for lack of my – or your- contribution. For tomorrow, it may be you.

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29/05/2014 at 10:31 PM

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Bedroom Tax – HoC library politicised? Or do they not do maths?

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29/05/2014 at 12:53 PM

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Mandatory Work Activity Is Wobbling, Keep Kicking Till It Breaks

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the void

salvation-army-workfareIn a victory for anti-workfare campaigners, the number of people forced to work without pay on the Mandatory Work Activity (MWA) scheme is steadily falling.

MWA is just one of several workfare programmes and involves four weeks full-time work for charities or so-called ‘community organisations’ under the threat of meagre benefits being stopped.  2,670 people were sent on the scheme in February 2014, compared to a high of over four thousand during the same period last year.  In December 2013 only 1,720 starts were recorded, the lowest figure since the scheme was just beginning in the summer of 2011.

The fall in the number of unpaid workers comes after two years of campaigning against by Boycott Workfare and other claimant’s groups which has now seen hundreds of charities rejecting forced labour schemes.  Household names such as Oxfam, Scope and Shelter have been joined by over 300 organisations to sign the

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29/05/2014 at 12:50 PM

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Class War Candidate Trounces Lib Dems – A Seismic Change Is Coming

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the void

class-warSteve Norman, who will be standing as a candidate for Class War in next year’s general election, has trounced the Lib Dems in a Bristol constituency where he polled just under 4% of the vote.

Norman stood as an independent candidate in Avonmouth in preparation for Class War’s planned assault on next year’s elections.  In a stunning early victory for the campaign he polled 135 votes, just behind the Green Party and beating the dismal performance of the Lib Dems who could only manage 108.

These results will also be worrying news for the dreary Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).  Norman polled over eight times higher then their candidate who could only manage a lacklustre 16 votes.

If a bunch of retired colonels, city spivs and chinless public school wankers like Nigel Farage can send shockwaves through the Labour Party then imagine what a populist party of the left…

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Back to the drawing-board (again?) for Universal Credit

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How, just how does he hang on?

Vox Political


It is a testament to the ineptitude of Work and Pensions Secretary Iain ‘Sunken’ Smith that his flagship scheme has been sent back to square one – listed as “reset” by the government organisation responsible for grading its progress.

Mr… Smith (otherwise known as RTU or Returned To Unit, in tribute to a lifetime of failure) is determined that Universal Credit – which rolls all the major benefits into a single payment which the government can manipulate to make life extremely uncomfortable for claimants – will be his legacy; the achievement that marks him out for posterity.

Well, it will certainly remind us all of the man’s nature. Universal Credit has been beset with one false start after another and remains capable of handling only the simplest of tasks while promising miracles – and when it fails to deliver, its faults are explained away with implausible excuses.

The latest is that…

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An Exercise in Social Control – The REAL Agenda behind Benefit Fraud Campaigns 3 –

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This year to date, I’ve  written two articles questioning the REAL agenda behind the Benefit Fraud Campaigns, the first in January considered how Politicians use psychological coercion to control us, whilst the second in April, introduced the newly formed single fraud investigation service, (SFIS), “a cross Government strategy to reduce fraud and error” apparently costing £140 millionIn April I questioned whether the SFIS would prove to be value for money, particularly as according to DWP figures Fraud and Error has cost the Nation approximately £1 Billion for the past Eight Years?

Well it seems my concerns were justifiable, the latest figures in the DWP official Report shows a significant rise in Fraud, although a minor decrease in Error:


This situation is despite the DWP already having spent at least  £296,726, just on campaigns to reduce Fraud & Error; when the REAL costs to the DWP, the SFIS, Justice Department & the CPS are…

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