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NHS in Crisis

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“…and say they would prefer an insurance-based system.”; don’t they realise we are already IN an insurance based system, the NHS. The problem is, those taking care of the premiums (general taxation and national insurance contributions), our government, are deliberately misusing those funds to “…make sure things don’t work, … [then] hand it over to private capital.” (Noam Chomsky).

Do they further realise that such a system would see private insurance companies profiteering from the system, then refusing to pay for treatment when your insurance runs out, unlike our health service which is based on need, not ability to pay.

But the aim of the government isn’t just to bring this about- it is to convince us that WE want it. Fait accompli.

My patients are already questioning whether we need the NHS.accident-emergency-11


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14/01/2017 at 1:33 PM

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