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A SKWAWKBOX announcement. Please read.

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It’s with considerable hesitation that I decided to write this post. As you’ll have noticed if you’re a regular reader, the SKWAWKBOX has been very quiet this month.

Some months ago, I set up a company along with an old colleague – with the aim of making a living for my family and me while gaining more freedom to write this blog.

That’s the theory, at any rate. The reality has been that the process of getting a new business up and running, and the need to make it pay sooner rather than later, have been almost all-consuming. Add to that the imperative to get to know my new grand-daughter, and to invest in my family relationships, and it’s been almost impossible to find the time to write.

The articles I write here take a lot of research – and then a lot of time to try to turn the research into something readable and relevant. I have no intention of giving up on the blog – I couldn’t, while this government is in office, intent on impoverishing and persecuting ordinary people, dismantling our NHS and routinely lying about it all. But it kills me to see things that need to be written and not be able to do it.

So I’m going, with some trepidation, to ask for your help.

I’ve never asked for a penny for writing this blog – and I don’t intend to start now. It’s important that nobody can (justly) accuse me of writing for profit, or of any kind of undue influence by those with money. There’s already far too much of that around.

But I will ask that, if you think this blog has value in exposing what’s going on and in the attempt to maintain some kind of just society, that you take a look at the services page of my company.

If – and only if – my company offers something which is of use to you, please fill in a contact form to let us know what it is. If it’s something that might be useful to someone you know, please tell them.

And please do so only if it’s something that you genuinely need, and you feel that you will get value for it. This is not about asking for charity, but about a business transaction – an opportunity for me to support the blog and my family myself by providing you with something that will be useful for you (and should save you money).

That and using the system intelligently to help support exposing the darker parts of it.

Plus I think our services are pretty good – if they’re the kind of thing that will be of use to you.

Whether this works or not, I’ll continue to do my best to provide good, well-researched information here on The SKWAWKBOX so that we’re all that bit better informed about what this government is doing and trying to hide.

If you made it this far, thank you! Hopefully you won’t think it was a bad decision.

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Turncoat Tory’s blue-sky talk can’t hide the damning truth

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If benefits are higher than wages, then the fault lies with wages and the employer that pays them, not the level of benefits.

While I do not agree that benefit levels are or have ever been higher than wages, even if that were so, benefits being calculated as the minimum you need to live on, then my statement above holds true. Either way, as far as I am concerned, Freud and the Tories have lost the argument.
End comment.

Here’s another Tory who should go boil his head: David Freud.

This former Labour advisor on social security – who had previously worked in the city, setting up company share flotations (and if that isn’t a deeply worrying connection, what is?) – crossed the floor to the Conservative Party when he realised Labour wasn’t going to keep power in 2010, and was rewarded with an utterly undeserved peerage.

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The Tragic Statistic That Reveals Welfare Reform To Be A Sham

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Of course employers don’t want to employ the sick or disabled; not with millions of able bodied folk willing to and wanting work that doesn’t exist.

A tragic statistic hidden in the quarterly report on the performance of the Work Programme proves beyond doubt that both this and the last government’s welfare reforms have been an abject failure.

Buried in the Supplemental Tables at the end of the report are the Work Programme performance figures for ESA Ex-Incapacity Benefit claimants. These claimants have been assessed by Atos as able to do some kind of work and placed in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) of Employment Support Allowance (ESA).

These are the people that the right wing press have all too often smeared as frauds, who were faking or over-exaggerating their conditions. People with cancer in some cases, or serious mental health conditions, Multiple Sclerosis or HIV. They are the people who in some desperate incidents have been driven to suicide by the stressful and demeaning Atos assessments. The same group who the Daily Mirror revealed were dying at a rate of 32 people a week after being placed in the Work Related Activity Group.

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The Big Flaw in Capitalism- and why they won’t tell you.

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After 200 years plus of capitalism, I am surprised the ordinary worker doesn’t see it; I am surprised that capitalism lasted more than 50 years. See what; why this broad statement? Easy; capitalism doesn’t work. Here’s the reason.

Picture reproduced under Creative Commons licence

As we all know, no matter how hard politicians try to reign in capitalism, however hard they try to control it or, on the other side how hard they try to allow it to do as it pleases, capitalism inevitably results in boom and bust.

Whatever the capitalists tell you, the people who suffer most during the ‘bust’ periods are the poor, the employee and the disenfranchised. The people who suffer least are the speculators, factory owners and entrepreneurs who have amassed great wealth by underpaying the proletariat for their labour and overcharging that same proletariat for goods and services.

Conversely, during the ‘boom’ years the people who benefit most are the same speculators, factory owners and entrepreneurs while those that benefit least are the same poor, employee and disenfranchised.

This is why capitalists must underpay for labour and overcharge for goods and services. Because they know the good times won’t last forever and they need to amass their personal fortunes at your expense to survive them in the luxury to which they have become accustomed. Meanwhile, the proletariat can struggle on in the filth they so love.

The wealthy capitalist knows and understands all this. They do not want you to know, much less understand it. (Which is why they so love to tinker with your state education system, while their public school system has stood the test of time and barely changed since its inception.)

Capitalism continues as the worlds favoured economic policy because these same capitalists have convinced the proletariat that through capitalism, you can have the same slice of the cake if you work hard enough.

Tell that to the cleaning lady, the road sweeper and the shoe-shine boy, and try to do it without a wry grin.

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29/09/2013 at 1:03 PM

Here’s what I want…

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workers unite karl marx

Here’s what I want; here is my utopia; I want the British people to wake up; I want the British people to revolt- peacefully, if possible, but if pushed then I want the British people to take up arms; rakes, forks and spades if necessary and storm the bastions of power. I want the British people to wake to the incredibly unjust society in which we live; I want the British people to see that the ‘cultural change’ the Tories speak of is nothing less than plutocratic dictatorship.


It isn’t gonna happen anytime soon. Too many believe that our ‘democracy’ works; too many don’t care; too many do not believe that the only alternative is a socialist revolution; too many believe that socialism is evil— too many watch the X-Factor, Jeremy Kyle and Big Brother.

But democratic socialism means no banker can usurp somebody else’s wealth to his- or her- own ends; no fascist, capitalist or otherwise anti-proletariat individual or group can usurp power from the people; the power- and the wealth produced from your blood, sweat and tears- will be distributed equitably according to your needs, while you quite rightly contribute according to your ability.

If that doesn’t sound right, then you want more than you are entitled to; you are a capitalist. If you don’t like the name, stop liking the method.

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“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

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Having thought further about Labour’s announcement they will repeal the Bedroom Tax legislation, and having read SPeye’s enlightening article here-

Labour to scrap the bedroom tax – a huge political mistake and huge opportunity missed.

It put me in mind of Lenin’s statement “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” And Margaret Thatcher’s acceptance of this philosophy when she answered what she thought was her greatest achievement with “Tony Blair and New Labour.”

I have long held the belief that Blair and his Blairites were the Tories answer to opposition, groomed to take over the Labour Party so that there would be no effective opposition to capitalism in this country.

Even if I am wrong and they were not ‘groomed’ for culpable opposition, certainly the face of British politics was undeniably changed because of New Labour’s acceptance of capitalism and globalisation rather than following it’s traditional role of opposition and education of the masses on the evils of capitalism.

How does this relate to Labour’s statement on the Bedroom Tax? Quite simply SPeye explains why the announcement by Labour is a political mistake since they will now have to argue their case on economic grounds rather than have the economic case pre-argued on the fiscal disaster the Bedroom Tax is; the Bedroom Tax costs the taxpayer more than Housing Benefit, therefore it’s repeal will save money.

What could this mean? A get-out clause for Labour if and when they are elected, on the ground’s they cannot follow through on their promise because it is not economically viable- or that if they do not have a big enough majority, they will not be able to push through the tax reforms they now have to argue will pay for it.

Either way, Thatcher’s greatest achievement could once again prove to be a favourable result for the Tory party and their wealthy cohorts.

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21/09/2013 at 11:36 AM

Labour to scrap the bedroom tax – a huge political mistake and huge opportunity missed

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The Labour Party has vowed to scrap the bedroom tax. They have finally said it after so long. A cause for celebration you would think but as usual the Labour Party makes a pig’s ear of it. Yes I have been calling for them to do it since day one but they manage to totally bugger it up.

To explain the Labour Party thought it necessary to say where they would find the money to do this? YET that is a tacit admittance that the bedroom tax does save money which it doesn’t – a huge political and frankly stupid mistake by Labour!

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They have also failed to explain what they will do for people already displaced by the Bedroom Tax and what they will do about homes that have been sold after being vacated by tenants due to the Bedroom Tax.

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21/09/2013 at 10:25 AM

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