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Sick note refused under government new scheme. 

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This, I suspect will lead to people with well paid jobs, unable to do their particular work due to illness being forced into lower paid jobs they are capable of doing.

Employers should realise they may start to lose their best, most experienced employees and face the cost of retraining a new employee.

The poor side of life

This is a true shocking account of a young persons visit to their GP recently. Sadly it’s true and I’m hoping that most GPs are refusing to implement this.

I’m going to call this person X. It’s quite appropriate because that as I see it is how this government sees most vulnerable people in this country. This government has a great disdain for the poor, sick and vulnerable indeed I have been quoted in the past as saying that this is a war against the poor and those in need. This is another tactic that they want to employ.

Many times now this Tory government has been quoted as saying that they they want to get rid of ‘the sick note culture’. They don’t want anyone off work. People are expected to quite literally work themselves to death. Getting a sick note is seen by the Tory party as ‘a…

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12/10/2015 at 5:12 PM

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