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Grayling’s work placement gravy train rolls on – YOU get nothing

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Grayling's work placement gravy train rolls on – YOU get nothing.


Written by Smiling Carcass

29/08/2012 at 1:17 AM

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Pre WWI the poor were the scum of the earth, were poor because they wanted to be and deserved no better. This was the opinion of the elite, wealthy factory and mine owners that paid subsistence wages; they knew it was a lie then; Cameron’s attempts to return us to that kind of poverty is based on the same lie.

At the outbreak of WWI these ‘scum of the earth’ fought and died bravely. In 1917, the Bolshevik revolution saw the Russian scum overthrow the dictatorial ruling elite and seize power.

At the end of hostilities, David Lloyd George, the leader of the wartime coalition government began his campaign for ‘homes fit for heroes’. This was ostensibly an altruistic idea, to reward the men who had fought, and the families of men who had died with decent social housing. The truth is somewhat different; Lloyd George had witnessed the Bolshevik revolution and feared that a well trained, experienced fighting force, returning to the same conditions they had left might be inspired by the success of the Russian peasantry and take a similar course to improve their lot. So the ‘social housing’ gifted by Lloyd George, was in fact less of a reward and more a concession to maintain the political ,social and economic status quo (as was the more general ‘land fit for heroes’ agenda).

These houses were, indeed designed both ideologically and practically to be somewhat better and cheaper [to rent] than the pre-war accommodation.

After the end of WWII hostilities, and with the massive defeat of the Tory party in the post war elections, a new agenda of house building was begun. This was partly due to the massive losses caused by wartime bombing, but also to improve the available accommodation- the theme of ‘social housing for the poor’ was replaced by Aneurin Bevan with ‘council housing for all’.

Currently, we are seeing a return to the ‘social housing’ mentality of the beginning of the 20th century; why? Because the establishment since 1980 has wanted to shirk its responsibilities and offload the housing stock that was designed to be fit housing for everybody and re-label it ‘social housing’ for the poor; and of course, we’re poor because we want to be poor, so why should government concern itself with us? Let the private sector deal with them.

This is not the only ‘back to the future’ reform of the current government; it is one of many, encompassing education, health care and benefits. So, if you want to turn the clock back 100 years, sit back, do nothing, and buy a cap; there’ll be a lot of ‘doffing’ to be done; if you want to halt the decay make your feelings known.

Write to politicians-

Sign the petitions-

Join the FaceBook group-

But don’t sit back and accept Cameron’s Calamities.

Written by Smiling Carcass

25/08/2012 at 5:41 PM

Stop the Housing Benefit attack (commonly known as the ‘Bedroom Tax’) Join the fight!

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I just signed this petition — will you join me?

Stop the Housing Benefit attack (commonly known as the ‘Bedroom Tax’) Join the fight!
To: The Rt Hon David Cameron MP; Prime Minister; United Kingdom, British Parliament, The House of Lords

The petition is really important and could use our help. Click here to find out more and sign:

Thanks so much,
paul higgins

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23/08/2012 at 2:58 PM

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Help the Fight Against the ‘Bedroom Tax’

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The U.K. government is about to introduce draconian legislation that will hit the poor and vulnerable; the essence of this legislation is if the government decides you are under occupying your rented home, you will lose housing benefits. This will mean some people on very low incomes or on state benefits will now have to pay towards their housing costs. It means others will have their benefits removed or reduced.

Those that can’t pay will have to move; if they can’t pay and there is no available alternative accommodation, they will be ‘helped’ with loans from their council.

Meanwhile, the rich get richer and the bankers continue to defraud and walk away with no consequences.

This is being done by rich politicians, the banker’s friends and probably the biggest under occupiers in the country.

Please sign the petition-

Stop the cruel and unfair ‘Bedroom Tax’

Written by Smiling Carcass

19/08/2012 at 6:31 PM


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It’s just emerged that over a million children could lose the fields where they play. The Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has quietly relaxed the rules protecting school playing fields. Many people are worried that this could open the door for them to be sold off to developers.

Without playing fields it’s hard to imagine the children of today – the Team GB of tomorrow – will ever match this year’s record Olympic medal haul. If playing fields are sold off and built on, there’ll be no way to get them back. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Right now David Cameron and his Government won’t want a scandal about school playing fields taking the shine off the Olympic legacy. There’s a great chance that if tens of thousands of 38 Degrees members create a public outcry by building a big petition, Michael Gove will back down to make sure the Olympic after-party continues on a high.

Click here to sign the petition to Michael Gove to save school children’s play areas:

For lots of people, playing outside at break time left them with some of their happiest memories of school. But happy memories aren’t the only long-term benefit of having proper places for children to play. Running around outside gives children the chance to get into good exercise habits early in life. And it can help them concentrate in class the rest of the time, so they learn faster.

The Government is already feeling the heat – already a national newspaper has launched a campaign on this issue. We can build on this pressure and, together, we can make that final push to persuade Michael Gove to do the right thing.

We’ve already had one great success around the Olympics – our massive petition persuaded sponsors not to take advantage of a tax-break available to them. Together, as the Paralympic Games approach, we have a great chance of persuading the Government to protect the play areas of our future Olympians.

Click here to sign the petition:

Thanks for being involved,

Ian, Marie, Hannah and the 38 Degrees team

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18/08/2012 at 5:25 PM

They’re Kicking Them off Their Land

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At any moment, a big-game hunting corporation could sign a deal which would force up to 48,000 members of Africa’s famous Maasai tribe from their land to make way for wealthy Middle Eastern kings and princes to hunt lions and leopards. Experts say the Tanzanian President’s approval of the deal may be imminent, but if we act now, we can stop this sell-off of the Serengeti.

The last time this same corporation pushed the Maasai off their land to make way for rich hunters, people were beaten by the police, their homes were burnt to a cinder and their livestock died of starvation. But when a press controversy followed, Tanzanian President Kikwete reversed course and returned the Maasai to their land. This time, there hasn’t been a big press controversy yet, but we can change that and force Kikwete to stop the deal if we join our voices now.

If 150,000 of us sign, media outlets in Tanzania and around the world will be blitzed so President Kikwete gets the message to rethink this deadly deal. Sign the petition now and send to everyone:

The Maasai are semi-nomadic herders who have lived in Tanzania and Kenya for centuries, playing a critical role in preserving the delicate ecosystem. But to royal families from the United Arab Emirates, they’re an obstacle to luxurious animal shooting sprees. A deal to evict the Maasai to make way for rich foreign hunters is as bad for wildlife as it is for the communities it would destroy. While President Kikwete is talking to favoured local elites to sell them on the deal as good for development, the vast majority of people just want to keep the land that they know the President can take by decree.

President Kikwete knows that this deal would be controversial with Tanzania’s tourists — a critical source of national income — and is therefore trying to keep it from the public eye. In 2009, a similar royal landgrab in the area executed by the same corporation that is swooping in this time generated global media coverage that helped to roll it back. If we can generate the same level of attention, we know the pressure can work.

A petition signed by thousands can force all the major global media bureaus in East Africa and Tanzania to blow up this controversial deal. Sign now to call on Kikwete to kill the deal:

Written by Smiling Carcass

13/08/2012 at 3:30 PM

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