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Cameron on ‘The Games’

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PM David Cameron has said that ‘the government has acted “decisively” to restore confidence in its [the UK’s] public finances. Speaking at an Olympics investment event, where ministers hope it will generate £1bn of UK deals. He said “value for money” despite the huge costs involved and would have an economic legacy; economic legacy for who, Mr. Cameron? I suspect much of the £1bn will go to his banker friends- say, about 99.9%?

His statement “And we will continue to take the tough decisions that are necessary for business leaders and investors to have confidence in the long-term future of the British economy” only means the rich will benefit, the poor will pay.

Mr Cameron told the BBC that ‘the £13bn would come from deals struck during the Games, as well as tourism and other factors’. How much of this £13bn will go to the hourly paid employees that really make these officious, ceremonial events work? I suspect very little.

Many economists believe any long-term economic boost from the Games will be marginal. It will be less than marginal for the poor paying out ever more in indirect taxes to fund the extravagances of the bankers.

We’re being conned into believing this is about Britain; this is about making money for the rich, while the poor work for minimum wage to carry the burden of their extravagant lifestyles.


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28/07/2012 at 5:10 AM

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Imagine seeing that headline on the front of your paper in the final countdown to the Olympic opening ceremony. As the eyes of the world focus on London, this is the perfect opportunity to expose the corporate sponsors who’ll be dodging tax during the games.

The UK’s winning Olympic bid included huge tax breaks for sponsors. As a result, massive multi-nationals like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Adidas stand to make a tax-free fortune. Experts think the UK could be losing tens of millions.

As sponsors, these companies will be banking on loads of positive media exposure. Let’s use that to our advantage, turn the tables, and roll out a massive petition demanding they pay their fair share. If the petition is big enough, and attracts enough media attention, it could be the first step in scaring these image-conscious companies into refusing their gold-plated tax break.

Meanwhile, we are still having services, wages and jobs cut. I’ve signed. Please sign now and stop this!

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12/07/2012 at 11:26 AM

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Bankers behind bars

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I’ve just signed this important petition at to end banking crimes.

Join me in this campaign here:

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12/07/2012 at 11:15 AM

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