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Tory MP: I spent 12 hours on a trolley in agony and could have died at overcrowded A&E

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Ordeal: Tory MP David Burrowes was left in a cupboard then in a corridor at North Middlesex Hospital when he arrived with a ruptured appendix at 5.30am

Oh, boo-hoo, you poor soul. Welcome to austerity.


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25/08/2014 at 4:16 PM

Cameron has shown that protecting the NHS from corporate rape is the last of his concerns

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Reblogged from- Mike Sivier’s Vox Political (375 more words.)

What a bunch of... bankers: As mentioned in the article, government ministers are happy to spend your money defending bankers' bonuses in the European Union - but when it comes to defending your publicly-funded health service, they haven't squeaked.

What a bunch of… bankers: As mentioned in the article, the government is happy to spend your money defending bankers’ bonuses in the European Union – but when it comes to defending your publicly-funded health service, they haven’t squeaked.

Remember the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership? Also known as TTIP? The proposed agreement between the EU and USA that – in its current form – would lock future UK governments into a legal framework that protects the privatisation of health services in this country?

A part of the agreement called the Investor-State Dispute Settlement would allow any commercial organisation the ability to sue governments that acted in an anti-commercial way such as – for example – re-nationalising health services that the Conservative-led Coalition has sold off to firms in which many government MPs have shady personal financial interests.

David Cameron used to have a cabinet minister responsible for handling negotiations on the TTIP – Kenneth Clarke, the Minister Without Portfolio (aha! Now we know what he was supposed to be doing for a living).

But of course Clarke left the government in the July reshuffle. He gave every indication that he was delighted to be going, which suggests that work on the TTIP was not agreeing with him.

Perhaps it was the weight of all those people campaigning against the locked-in commercialisation of the NHS, in which treatment for particular conditions will depend on whether it is profitable where you live, coupled with the weight of Cameron’s determination to do nothing to prevent it – all obscured by the veil of secrecy that all involved have tried to draw across the negotiations.

More here- Cameron has shown that protecting the NHS from corporate rape is the last of his concerns (375 more words.)

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16/08/2014 at 5:20 PM

Is it Right, or is it just not Left?

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Having finally got around to watching last week’s (Thursday, 8th May) recording of Question Time, I noticed that there were only politicians on the panel this week, unlike most weeks when a political commentator or satirist, perhaps a media mogul or diva (for want of a better expression); maybe because of the forthcoming elections, local and European. Still, that shouldn’t dictate only politicians should appear; all the more reason for political commentators to be there, I’d have thought.

I also noticed that there were no left-leaning politicians among the crew, Chuka Umunna being the closest; though as a Blairite (read Thatcherite) he is hardly left wing, Shirley Williams who might be described as left wing, except she abandoned the Labour Party and left it for the Blairites, Nigel Farage and Michael Green Grant Shaaps.

With this mix, of course the BBC maintained the political distance; perhaps that is their idea of balance.

Aahh, well to my main point. It was pointed out to Nigel Farage that the NHS runs on immigrants. Anybody who has had treatment at a hospital will have been come into contact with a dreaded foreigner.

It is true, as the commenter stated that without immigrants to do the dirty jobs we British won’t, without the many immigrant doctors and nurses the NHS would collapse.

Wouldn’t this be a wonderful plan for any right wing political party; to attempt the destruction of the NHS first through lack of funding, then through back-door privatisation via franchises but, just in case that fails, let’s stop those damned immigrants coming in to do the work- that should put paid to it once and for all!

Maybe there’s a touch of paranoia in my thoughts; that doesn’t mean they ain’t out to get me.

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13/05/2014 at 9:12 AM

How much would you pay to save a life?

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If you had a hundred quid spending money in your pocket, would you give a doctor fifty quid to save somebody’s life?

I doubt many of you will say no.

We shouldn’t need to be asking the question or making that decision. But current fiscal policy demands we may have to.

So, do you want to pay fifty quid for that one person’s life, the one you saw dying and so feel close to?

Or should we all pay a quid and make sure nobody dies unnecessarily?


That, my friend’s is the principle of our NHS.

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05/01/2014 at 10:18 PM

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How much can YOU pay? A&E charges would speed NHS privatisation

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“Found it. Card number…”

“…one-third of GPs apparently believe a £5 or £10 charge should be imposed on everybody turning up at hospital Accident and Emergency departments.”

via How much can YOU pay? A&E charges would speed NHS privatisation.

Any payment beyond your taxes and National Insurance immediately removes the principal of an NHS- and I include prescription charges in this.

“Free at the point of delivery” is a principal we must adhere to strictly or lose our NHS.

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05/01/2014 at 1:46 PM

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We’re All In (sh)It Together

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This is becoming something of a series. Maybe because of my good fortune in finding reasonably well paid employment, thus being able to get out and about more; maybe because things are getting worse and worse for the less fortunate.

Today, walking into town I met a neighbour. He’s 80 if he’s a day. I’ll never forget when my kids were young, coming from school if we ever met him he always had a pound each for them to buy sweets. He was by no means impoverished, but his story touches- if it doesn’t, you must be dead and nobody told you.

His first comments were my circumstances; how’s things, you alright? When I explained about my good fortune in finding reasonably well paid employment, his face fairly lit up. If ever a man was a socialist without knowing it, he’s the man.

The conversation then continued to his situation, which cannot by any stretch of the imagination be described as good fortune.

He explained his poor eyesight, age related, his deafness, age related and said there were operations he could have to improve, if not correct both.

His choices were, wait ‘til next year and we can do them- or pay £2,500 and have them done tomorrow.

My immediate rhetorical question was “by the same surgeon, in the same hospital using the same equipment?”

You know the answer to that one!

So this man, after a lifetime’s work, consequently a lifetime’s contributions now has a choice of pay again or wait.

We’re all in it together. Especially if you’re in the shit.

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21/12/2013 at 10:22 PM

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No, up YOUR coding! Why the ‘45% more NHS deaths’ is nonsense

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How many people died in the US because they couldn’t afford treatment in the first place?

It was claimed – predictably enough by the right-wing media, but shamefully also by Channel 4, who usually do a better job on the NHS – that a patient’s chances of dying in the NHS are an astonishing 45% higher in the NHS than in the US healthcare system.

Even more shamefully, Professor Sir Brian Jarman – the man behind the HSMR system – has been up to his usual tricks.

The professor has been doing a nifty two-step: distancing himself from the headlines and saying his findings are

no more than a trigger to further see whether the large differences in adjusted death rates … indicate possible differences in the quality of hospital care in the two countries

while also playing up to the headlines by declaring himself

quite frankly shocked

by the findings. Neat footwork.

Read more No, up YOUR coding! Why the ‘45% more NHS deaths’ is nonsense 1,447 words.

Another excellent and revealing article from the Skwawkbox; however, I’d like to add statistics are, as evidenced here, akin to a drunk leaning on a lampost; more for support than illumination.

One must also remember that the HSMRs are based on hospital deaths; how many people died in the US because they couldn’t afford treatment in the first place? Think on that before you condemn the NHS based on, as Skwawkbox says, apples and oranges comparisons.

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18/09/2013 at 3:39 AM

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