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Not the only dissenting voice- I have been against Labour since Blairism after a lifetime of support.

Ian Bone

Once again the REES/GERMAN axis of evil comes up with a new way to con people that voting LABOUR is somehow radical and an expression of People Power. These are the undynamic duo who ran the SWP for years slagging off lABOUR for 4 years then advising people to vote labour on election day. The theory behind this is that people will need to see how bad another labour government is before the long cherished REVOLUTIONARY PARTY can emerge from the ashes.
For their own reasons they have roped in LEN MCCLUSKEY who wants a Labour vote and Owen Jones who wants a Labour vote so he can be prime minister soonish. This will of course be dressed up in usual mccluskey rhetoric of asummer/autumn/winter/spring of discontent and a plea to Ed to break free and bring in socialist policies. These people believe that ED IS REALLY ONE OF US…

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20/06/2014 at 10:23 AM

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Today I have been discussing politics in the pub with an old pal, who could be described as fairly right-wing.

EDL-style, anti-foreigner; I spent three or four hours with him, and while I have known him for years, I think he was really coming around, realising the way to a better world is not through marginalising or enslaving or killing those we do not like, but perhaps try to understand them.

He always worked, earned good money in the building trade, but I think he is starting to realise, now he is out of work how government policy, despite their rhetoric, is anti-us, anti worker and pro low wage and low benefits.

I explained how low wages, low benefits put him out of work; for sure, if people cannot buy their house, who needs him to build them; if councils are not building houses to rent, why would there be work for him?

I have, though my small efforts at least made somebody THINK!

Why I carry on blogging, hoping to change at least one person’s opinion.

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23/02/2014 at 4:58 PM

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The Fight For Hearts and Souls

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The following is a précis of a conversation I had in one of my rare visits to the pub this afternoon. It is, perhaps a summing up of the attitude of too many selfish people; too many selfish people who are week or a month’s wage away from destitution. A week or moth’s wage from the circumstance they currently demonise.

The benefits bill is too high, we need to reduce it.

While the reduction of the benefits bill is a desirable aim, how we do this is debatable; the greater part of the benefits bill, over 50% is pensions. Similarly to me, I am sure you do not advocate the slashing of pensions to reduce the benefits bill.

The only way to reduce the benefits bill is to cut benefits.

Cut benefits how? Reducing benefits effectively would mean slashing pensions, which we do not want to do. We’ll all (hopefully) be pensioners someday.

We can no longer afford a welfare state.

Many benefits are in work benefits that actually subsidise the employer. So, a fair days pay for a fair days work would be a good first step to reducing the benefits bill. Then making sure there is well paid work for people would be a great help.

There are too many scroungers.

By the governments own figures, benefit fraud accounts for only 0.7% 0f the benefits bill. Chasing tax dodgers- call them evaders or avoiders, it amounts to the same thing in my book would be a more effective way to improve governments finances.

The Bedroom Tax is fair; why should we (I) pay for one person to live in a three bedroomed house.

Why indeed? Unless you are paying taxes for an MP to live on a country estate in a multi-bedroomed manor house, complete with moat and duck house and a luxury flat in London. Or even a footballer to rattle around a similar dwelling while claiming a council tax reduction, despite his huge salary.

Ultimately, you need to decide which kind of society we live in; an altruistic, dependant society where we do, whether through individual endeavour or communal taxation ensure the needy need no more; or a selfish, uncaring society where your ephemeral wealth is your only asset.

By no means a verbatim record of the conversation; it is, however, the general timbre of this and many more conversations I have had.

The fight for hearts and souls is far from won. It has barely begun.

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14/12/2013 at 8:14 PM

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The best part of Nick Clegg’s speech: in defence of internationalism and liberal interventionism

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I enjoyed Nick Clegg’s speech to conference, which set out a clear path to Liberal Democrats remaining a party of government.

I thought his passionate defence of internationalism and liberal interventionism, drawing on his (Spanish) wife’s family history in pre-democratic Spain, was easily the strongest part. Here’s what he said:

via The best part of Nick Clegg’s speech: in defence of internationalism and liberal interventionism. 555 more words.

I have commented (currently awaiting moderation- though Nick Thornsby does not usually censor comments)-

“Is that like standing up for tuition fees; like being voiceless against the suffering of the poorest in our land; is the democracy he speaks of the kind where it works better if oiled with vast wealth?

I have said it from the beginning, the LibDems should pull out of this coalition and force an election now. But they won’t because if the Tories need them in 2015, they’re gonna be there, trampling over principle and promise, motive usurping manifesto to form another government so they can tell THEIR grandkids how Grandpa Nick led the Libdems to two terms of office.”

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19/09/2013 at 9:03 AM

Closet Tory Liam Byrne is cosying up to the Coalition – and will cost Labour the next election

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‘Creepy’ Liam Byrne

Liam Byrne wants Labour to adopt Conservative policies but carry them out in a different way. Why would anyone vote for that?

Now what’s that creepy Liam Byrne up to?

First he warned the Coalition that plans for further, hugely damaging, cuts in social security spending will cost around £1.4 billion more than they save.

Then he offered to help Iain Duncan Smith, of all people, to save Universal Credit, of all things!

The Torygraph has claimed this is Labour’s “strongest backing yet” for Universal Credit.

Is Ed Miliband, as Labour’s leader, blind to the amount of damage this will do to his party?

Reblogged from Closet Tory Liam Byrne is cosying up to the Coalition – and will cost Labour the next election. 1,129 words.

No ‘Greybeards’ in Miliband’s Government?

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‘Greybeards’ of the calibre I’d like to see running the country

Well, of course Miliband doesn’t want any old school Labour politicians on the front benches. Not that I am a particular fan of the ones mentioned in this article-


He wants new, young blood, just as Tony Blair wanted new blood that can be moulded to their right-wing, neo-libertarian politics that really has a laissez-faire attitude to most things; or old left wing politicians like Blunkett and Prescott who sold their souls for a part position in Blair’s stage-managed pantomime government.


What he should be looking for, if he is insistent on ‘no greybeards’ is new blood with good old fashioned left-wing radicalism, new ideas and some of the good old ideas to redistribute the wealth and create a society where the wealth creators share equitably in that wealth; where privatisation and franchise are dirty words and where public ownership doesn’t mean a free-for-all.


Personally, I’m not holding my breath.

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21/08/2013 at 3:42 AM

“The NHS is a huge potential marketplace for your business.”; Your Taxes, Their Profit.

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This is a must read.

“The mind boggles. The NHS is funding the North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborators to tell private health companies how to sell off the NHS. In the Collaborators’ own words,

“The NHS is a huge potential marketplace for your business.”

Welcome to privatisation la la land.”

Read more here: NHS is spending public money to train private companies to take over and profit from NHS (320 words)

Written by Smiling Carcass

13/08/2013 at 3:45 PM

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