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Full Emloyment- promised by the Tories! Oh, dear!

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osborne nazi


Osborne promising full employment? Oh, fuck off! The Tories need a pool of unemployed to keep people scared of losing their jobs to somebody who’ll take less, thus keeping down wages and riding roughshod over worker’s rights.

Hitler promised Germany the same; how did he go about it? He put those he didn’t like (anybody who wasn’t a Nazi) into work camps or death camps.

How did he pay for it? Through war and invasion.


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01/04/2014 at 9:03 AM

A New Year Message from a Lucky Man

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This may seem a strange choice for a New Year song, but for those that know the words, I think you’ll understand. To those that don’t know the words, please listen and I think you’ll get it.


Well, 2014 is almost upon us and it seems only right to have a little say about the year past and the year to come.


The year past has, for me been very good having secured, for the first time in over 20 years reasonably well paid employment; this isn’t because of government policy; it is pure effort on my part, a touch of good fortune and the munificence of the man who interviewed me. This is the first Christmas for those 20 plus years I have had all the bills paid and a little spare cash in my pocket.


Yet, while grateful for my good fortune, paradoxically, I ask why should we be grateful, feel it is good fortune just to have a good job and a bit of spare cash? Surely it is something to which we all aspire, to which we are all entitled, and for those unable to work or unable to work full time, be it through circumstance or government policy, we should be happy to pay our taxes to support them- I am.


This administration, for that is what they are, unelected administrators would have us all doffing our caps, appreciative for our lot, grateful just for food on the table while they see their huge wealth and position as their god given right.


To that huge majority who have not shared my good fortune, for those for whom 2013 has seen them plunged ever deeper into poverty and despair, my heart goes out to you, and I genuinely wish I could have sent you all a share of my fortuity.


And 2014, what will that offer? I hope, on a personal level that my good fortune continues and somewhat doubtfully, hope that we can all see an improvement in our situation.


However, realistically, I see more deprivation, more poverty, more unnecessary deaths; and I do not feel immune from the possibility that 2014 will be a year of disappointment for me too. Job security is a thing of the past and I hope a thing of the future; it is not a thing of the present.


And yet, I feel compelled to say to you all, have as happy and prosperous a new year as your circumstances allow and with the will and the fortitude to carry us through, we shall overcome.




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31/12/2013 at 12:27 PM

The Big Flaw in Capitalism- and why they won’t tell you.

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After 200 years plus of capitalism, I am surprised the ordinary worker doesn’t see it; I am surprised that capitalism lasted more than 50 years. See what; why this broad statement? Easy; capitalism doesn’t work. Here’s the reason.

Picture reproduced under Creative Commons licence

As we all know, no matter how hard politicians try to reign in capitalism, however hard they try to control it or, on the other side how hard they try to allow it to do as it pleases, capitalism inevitably results in boom and bust.

Whatever the capitalists tell you, the people who suffer most during the ‘bust’ periods are the poor, the employee and the disenfranchised. The people who suffer least are the speculators, factory owners and entrepreneurs who have amassed great wealth by underpaying the proletariat for their labour and overcharging that same proletariat for goods and services.

Conversely, during the ‘boom’ years the people who benefit most are the same speculators, factory owners and entrepreneurs while those that benefit least are the same poor, employee and disenfranchised.

This is why capitalists must underpay for labour and overcharge for goods and services. Because they know the good times won’t last forever and they need to amass their personal fortunes at your expense to survive them in the luxury to which they have become accustomed. Meanwhile, the proletariat can struggle on in the filth they so love.

The wealthy capitalist knows and understands all this. They do not want you to know, much less understand it. (Which is why they so love to tinker with your state education system, while their public school system has stood the test of time and barely changed since its inception.)

Capitalism continues as the worlds favoured economic policy because these same capitalists have convinced the proletariat that through capitalism, you can have the same slice of the cake if you work hard enough.

Tell that to the cleaning lady, the road sweeper and the shoe-shine boy, and try to do it without a wry grin.

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29/09/2013 at 1:03 PM

The Government Are Feckless, Neglectful and Abusive – My Speech at the TUC 2013 – Jack Monroe

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What Cameron would say if he was honest.

This is an excellent article by Jack Monroe

An article in the Guardian recently claimed that ‘austerity has been hijacked by the moralisers’ – and judging by George Osborne’s latest announcement that “austerity works”, it seems they were right. As though it’s all just ‘cosy frugality’, as though we are all just living in a snapshot of a nostalgic poster of post-war Britain. I’m surprised the posters haven’t made a reappearance, unaltered, to back up the chancellors claims.

Eat less bread. Food is a weapon. Your own vegetables all year round. Dig for victory. Home grown food. Make do and mend.

Keep calm and carry on.But there’s nothing cosy and nostalgic about missing days of meals, turning the heating off for two consecutive winters and every bloody day and night in between.

Reblogged fromThe Government Are Feckless, Neglectful and Abusive – My Speech at the TUC 2013 – Jack Monroe. 1,204 words.

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15/09/2013 at 2:54 AM

Why do the Tories keep emailing me?

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“Michael Gove; asked me for a tenner.”

On March 2nd I wrote to a Mr. Brady, leader of the 1922 Committee of the Tory party.

This is what I wrote:

“Dear Mr. Brady,

It is my belief that David Cameron, and his cabinet cohorts are not only destroying the Conservative Party’s chances of re-election anytime in the foreseeable future, he is taking the country to hell with him.

From information I have received, it appears that a leadership contest can be triggered by 46 letters sent to you as leader of the 1922 Committee.

Consider this to be one of those letters.


So, I have been receiving regular emails from Tory politicians, presumably prompted by this communication and mainly ignoring them, but not unsubscribing in case something err, interest, shall we say- came along.

That day has arrived and Michael Gove is the latest Tory to assume I am a True Blue. This is his communication:


Tony Blair once argued that the Labour Party should not be the political arm of the trade union movement.

But under Ed Miliband, who owes his position as party leader to the unions and relies on their money for 77% of his party’s donations, Labour are sinking back into their same old position of living in the unions’ shadow.

Radical left-wing union leaders now believe the Labour Party can be theirs again – and they are taking it back seat by seat, policy by policy, all before Ed Miliband’s impotent gaze.

Union leaders are openly fixing selections for candidates who will back left-wing policies and reverse our vital work to cut the deficit and fix the welfare system so that it rewards hard work.

We can’t let them do that to Britain – so please donate £10 today to help us win the next election.

Ed Miliband has failed to act – and has no plans to act – to prevent the open and blatant takeover of his own party by the union bosses who anointed him leader.

Britain cannot afford – as we had in the Seventies – the same old Labour Party with a weak leader buffeted by union pressure to adopt policies only they want and asking hardworking people to pick up the bill.


Michael Gove”

This is my response:

“First, I believe that the Labour Party should be the political arm of the Trade unions.

Second, the Tory party is funded by the enemy of the proletariat, big business, so why shouldn’t Labour be funded by the unions in defence of the working class?

Third, I don’t believe there are any really radical left wing union leaders, or they’d have had the guts to call a general strike by now, and damn the anti-trade union legislation.

Fourth, your so-called vital work is not rewarding hard work; it is penalising the most vulnerable, holding down wages and using the savings to fund tax cuts for those that should be paying more.

Finally, if the Labour Party returned to their roots and the policies of the 1970s to redistribute the wealth created by the blood, sweat and tears of the working class, they could rely on my vote.

I know you won’t like what I’ve said, but I am not the only one saying it and our numbers are growing.


Paul Higgins.”

Can’t be any clearer than that; I wonder if they’ll write again?

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28/08/2013 at 7:55 AM

The rich get richer, while the poor get poorer; (and the economic fallacies we are led to believe.)

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rich and poor

“The rich get richer, while the poor get poorer; that’s austerity, that is.”

Let me start by saying I am no economics expert; but what you are about to read- and possibly learn- is the big lie of government about austerity. I had written this and asked a friend to cast a critical eye over it and she agreed that it is accurate and pointed me to this article, which goes much further in explaining the way government finances work and how austerity does not get a country out of debt.

The Five Big Reasons Why Austerity Has The Opposite Effect From The One George Osborne Expects

If you find my effort at explaining the fallacies we are drip-fed interesting, I suggest you follow the link and read further.

We are told that if you only have £300 coming into your household budget, but have £301 going out, your household budget is in deficit and you cannot continue to run your household economy this way without eventually having to borrow, and this borrowing will eventually have to be drastically reduced or stopped altogether to pay off your accumulated debts. (These are the equivalents of deficit and national debt- and the reason politicians like to discuss falling deficit but not the national debt; because while the deficit is falling, the national debt is still increasing as long as we run at a deficit.) This is self-evident; at some stage you need to adjust your outgoings to match your income.

And so it is with the national economy; we cannot continue to spend more than we earn. This too is self-evident.

This is why, they tell us, the current austerity measures are desirable- essential, even.

But are they?

What we are not told is the difference between a household budget and a country’s budget; they don’t quite work in the same way. Because a household budget is linear; X comes in, Y goes out; if X is greater than Y, we have a surplus; if Y is greater than X, we have a deficit.

A government’s budget works similarly; but, a government’s budget is not linear as a household budget is; it is cyclical. Much of the money in a government’s budget stays within the system. For example, money spent on wages for government employees returns to the budget in paying for the services the government supplies and in taxes. Money spent on benefits returns to the budget in the same manner. There are many other ways a governments expenditure returns to the government coffers. For example, if a government employee spends part of their wages outside the system, on manufactured goods or services from a private company, this company pays tax; it employs people who pay tax and it reduces the benefits bill by employing people. I said a government’s budget works similarly; reading back, it doesn’t really work anything like a linear household budget!

If there is a shortfall, the government ‘borrows’ to make up the shortfall; but again, it is not borrowing as we understand it, though politicians would have you believe it is for it fits their austerity agenda. It is not the borrowing we do when our household outgoings exceed our income, such as bank loans, credit cards etc. The government borrows its own money!

Yes, folks. The government borrows its own money, by selling guilt edge securities which they will buy back from future tax revenue. They are borrowing the taxes they haven’t taken off you yet. It is more a form of gambling than borrowing; the government is saying we will give you this security against a loan, and buy it back when we have the tax revenue to do so, gambling the tax revenues will be sufficient to honour these guilt edge securities. It is similar to a re-mortgage- you re-mortgage your house to pay your debts in the belief your future income will meet the new payments. It is worthy of note here that the British government has never defaulted on a guilt edge loan.

Eventually, of course the government’s expenditure has to be significantly less than its income.

This can be done by reducing expenditure or increasing taxes to meet their commitments. It used to be that the Tories would reduce expenditure and Labour would increase taxes to meet these commitments. Both flavours of politics now tend to the reduced payments agenda, which almost always means that the poor carry proportionately the greater burden through reduced services and benefits and increased taxes.

Currently, the government has decided that austerity is the only way to balance the books. They have further decided to slash benefits to try to do this.

Doing as the government does, and likening this to your household budget, this is similar to balancing your household budget by reducing outgoings on the lowest drain on your resources- remember, much of the benefits being slashed returns to the government in taxes etc. It is similar to reducing payments to your gas, electricity and water services, the essentials rather than reducing payments for luxuries such as your weekly meal out, your night at the pub or that new car or mortgage- the equivalent of the governments tax breaks for the rich.

Finally, it should be obvious from this that franchising or selling public services to private companies puts a much greater drain on the government’s budget than keeping them in-house, not just because of the profits that are creamed off, but because the money is paid out to a private company and much of it is not returned to the government coffers. It is the taxes of the rich that are reduced, while their profits increase arguing that this will encourage growth. It does nothing of the sort. It is pounds in the pockets of the proletariat that stimulates growth- because they are far more likely to go out and spend their pounds on goods and services than to use them to find tax loopholes or put them in offshore accounts.

Austerity may- and I stress may be a necessary evil, but let’s start at the top, cut expenditure where it can make a real difference- and tax the super rich according to with their wealth, or as us old Marxist like to say, according to their ability to pay.

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27/08/2013 at 6:47 AM

Two and a Half Million Reasons Why The Salvation Army Is Holding The Line On Workfare

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An astonishing report published by the Salvation Army hints at the huge sums being handed out to charities and the welfare-to-work companies who are involved with the disastrous Work Programme.

via Two and a Half Million Reasons Why The Salvation Army Is Holding The Line On Workfare.

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15/07/2013 at 5:14 PM

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