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That Cameron Interview…

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cameron rolling in it

David Cameron has revealed his caring side in an interview today.

“You may think I am just a selfish millionaire who cares only about his own wealth, but I am here to tell you I care about lots of wealthy people. The electorate should consider next Thursday whether they want wealthy people to be taxed into small 15 bedroomed properties, or do they want to do the right thing and help us to amass ever more pelf?”

He went on to say that the poor should realise they are an essential part of society, for without them the wealthy would have no standard against which to measure their superiority and economic advantage. “If we were all well off, why, the rich would actually be poor.

It is obvious to anybody with half a brain [the hoi polloi] that the socialist ideal of the redistribution of wealth would mean not that we are all wealthy, but that we are all poor.

So, when you vote next week, remember to cast a vote for yourselves, a vote for Conservatives so that you paupers at least have some meaning for your existence- to maintain the differential that makes my wealth worth having.”

(Not a real interview- I made it up. But you might consider whether I actually hit the nail on the head!)


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01/05/2015 at 9:21 AM

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