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RTB for housing associations – Will the 7 stone weaklings finally man up?

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“…If you want to stay ‘merely’ renting you must be a second class citizen with a second-class mentality as surely everyone wants to be part of the great property owning democracy!”

Aside from a spell in bedsit land ain my early 20s, I have lived in council accommodation all my life- as a child/adult with my parents and as a council tenant.

I dislike intensely the term ‘social housing’, but what a great coup the sell off- or rather gifting- of council properties to HAs was! Once they were in the hands of these privateers, we needed a new way to describe them- social housing- so we become the second class citizens Joe describes and many struggle to buy to leave this perceived disgrace behind.

I think we need a new term to describe so-called ‘social tenants’ like myself who are and ever will be perfectly happy to rent from my local council, and those who were bullied by their councils into allowing the big giveaway of our council homes. Not because we are second class citizens but because we believe in Aneurin Bevan’s concept of ‘homes for all’ and not ‘homes for the needy’.

Might I suggest rather than calling it the insulting ‘social housing’ we start to call it something less discourteous; perhaps community housing or maybe public rented housing?

Written by Smiling Carcass

24/03/2015 at 9:49 AM

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