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Spare Us Your Emotional Blackmail, Labourites

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by Martin Odoni

NB: This is probably not going to be one of my best written efforts, as I’m currently sat shivering in bed with gastric ‘flu. Hardly a scrap of food for about thirty hours, and unable to go to work – please don’t tell Iain Duncan-Smith or he’ll have me attend a Fitness-To-Work Assessment – so I’m not going to be at my most eloquent.

Earlier today, Thomas G. Clark, the Angry Yorkshireman, published a new post about an increasingly reflexive pet-soundbite of Labour Party activists, “Vote Green, Get Tory”. The idea is that, as more of the left-leaning electorate chooses to vote for the upstart Green Party, fewer will vote for Labour, and that this will open the door to the Tories getting back in for another five years. As we saw the other week, the Tories themselves rather like the possibility.

I was rather thinking about…

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Written by Smiling Carcass

22/01/2015 at 9:04 AM

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