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¡Viva la Revoluçion!

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There is a problem with my philosophy;

Because there are far more proletariat than bourgeoisie, there are, consequently far more differing opinions.

It is evident that such a plethora of differing opinions will give rise to a fragmentation of any working class movement to overcome our burden.

This is the reason that western democracy is a farce, for we are and always will be controlled under such a system by a wealthy elite.

This is the reason we need a communist regime, controlled by a truly democratic government elected by, and only by the people- and by, and only by having candidates being party members, representing the people in their local area.

No more wealth deciding who is to be elected. Only by your commitment to your fellow man will you stand as a prospective employee of the people.

¡Viva la Revoluçion!


Written by Smiling Carcass

24/12/2014 at 10:49 PM

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