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The Bedroom Tax Is A Tax, No Matter What The Tories Say

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I used to drink with a highly, self educated man from the East End of London whose dad was a dustman.

He had been a teacher and army officer and was, at that time manager of a bank. While he never expressed his political leanings, it was clear from our many conversations he was a socialist.

He told me he had moved in those elite circles and that most of them, government ministers included were thick as two short planks, got the job because daddy worked there, or through the ‘old boy’ network.

Guy Debord's Cat

Like many people, I’ve always thought the Tories were monumentally stupid. Many of them have the most expensive education money can buy and yet they trot out the most absurd and intellectually-enfeebled statements with nary a thought. A couple of years ago, David Cameron appeared on the David Letterman Show and couldn’t even tell his interlocutor what the Magna Carta was.

He went to Eton and Oxford, for chrissakes. But let’s be blunt: the offspring of this country’s wealthy and powerful don’t have to do well at school because they don’t need to. They know that they will land a plum job no matter how brain dead they are. Cameron is but one example. Osborne is another.

The Tories’ solution for dealing with the housing crisis was indicative of, not only their ignorance of the gravity of the situation, but also of their mindless cruelty towards those without the means…

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13/12/2014 at 1:08 PM

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