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UKIP’s new friends in Europe: “disabled shouldn’t be seen on television”

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Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

Here are a few quotes from the Polish KNP party – UKIP’s new friends in Europe:

“Democracy is the stupidest form of government ever conceived.”

“Women are dumber than men and should not be allowed to vote”

“Evolution has ensured that women are not too intelligent”

“The general public should not see the disabled on television” (during the 2012 Summer Paralympics)

“The European Commission building should be turned into a brothel.”

“Gays are a gang of louts imported from abroad.”

And here you can see the leader of the KNP Party – Janusz Korwin-Mikke – clearly using the word ‘n*ggers‘ in the European parliament:


Well done Nigel. You’ve just confirmed once and for all every accusation there has ever been of racism, sexism and homophobia against UKIP.

But of course, Farage will get into bed with anyone if £1 million of European Parliament gravy train…

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Written by Smiling Carcass

21/10/2014 at 8:05 AM

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  1. Shall we agree that Farage has got involved with a nasty peace of work in the EU Parliament? A fascist. Can we also agree that other MEPs are involved with some nasty people who are communists, including Barosso, the President, who was a former member of an underground Maoist organization. Now the way I see it is that fascists during the 20th century killed millions. And so did the communists under Stalin, under Mao, under Pol Pot. Shall we accept a minimum number of Chinese killed by Mao to be 14 million, and adding up the rest it comes to well over 100,million of their own people. I am awaiting a justification of these killings by those who are rather one-sided in their attacks on fascism. Its both evils that need to be exposed, along with MEPs who align with either side. Now the BBC, who are supplying the left with details of Farage’s misdemeanors with fascists, are so silent about association with communists.

    Dr Llareggub

    23/10/2014 at 9:09 AM

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