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McVey’s latest Psycho-babble project is a Ploy to divert Public money to Private Sector?

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Psychological manipulation; brainwashing, if you like.

This changes the criteria for claiming JSA- to be actively seeking work- to actively seeking work ourway and changes it from an objective test of such activity to a subjective test of the methodology of such activity.

If you don’t fit our profile of the subservient employee, then no money for you.


Last December Sue Jones and I  wrote an article, The Just World Fallacy, considering the purpose of the Governments Nudge Unit; therein we demonstrated how unemployment is not caused by psychological barriers but by Governments failure to invest in appropriate growth projects, and how the aforementioned Nudge Unit works to spread the Tory mantra- the fault of worklessness lies firmly with the claimant.

Yesterday Esther McVey announced the latest ‘ psychological test’ for unemployed people, an attitude profile of their ‘psychological resistance to work’;  an assessment to identify if they are  “determined”, “bewildered” or “despondent” about seeking employment.

This latest scheme well named the  ‘segmentation programme’, as it will determine the future hoops claimants must jump through to access benefits, is based upon the work of Australian Therese Rein, founder and Managing Director of  Ingeus. Ingeus, in partnership with Deloitte, also happen to be, the “preferred supplier for seven of the DWP ’ 11 Frameworks…

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07/09/2014 at 4:30 PM

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    08/09/2014 at 5:18 AM

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