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Disabled Man Taking Health Secretary And NHS To Court Over Closures

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Same Difference

Jeremy Hunt is facing an unprecedented High Court challenge over the potential closure of dozens of GP surgeries in inner-city areas, as the Government comes under increasing criticism for failing to bring down GP waiting times.

The lawsuit, brought by a disabled Londoner whose surgery has warned patients it could close by April next year because of cuts to its government funding, claims that the NHS in England and the Health Secretary have acted unlawfully, by failing to take into account the impact of potential practice closures on deprived areas and on patients with disabilities.

Changes to the way GP surgeries are funded have threatened up to a hundred practices with closure, potentially affecting 700,000 patients. The changes, which will see a funding stream called the minimum practice income guarantee (MPIG) scrapped, and more funding going to areas with older populations, will disproportionately affect surgeries in inner-city areas with deprived…

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07/09/2014 at 4:17 PM

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