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Something ForNothing Man.

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Once there was a man who grew cabbages. Each year, he had a plethora of cabbages, which were generally composted to enrich the soil for next year’s crop.

On the next strip of land but one was a man who raised chickens. He had a superfluity of eggs, which he generally disposed off ergonomically.

One day, Cabbage Man took a walk over to Egg Man’s field and asked if he would like some cabbages in exchange for some eggs. They agreed that a cabbage was worth six eggs and so a bargain was struck- we’ll exchange one cabbage for six eggs when we have a surplus and when it is convenient of us both.

Now, on the separating strip of land lived Something-for-Nothing Man who saw an opportunity. So he went to Egg Man and Cabbage Man and said ‘I’ll have all your surplus eggs and all your surplus cabbages.’

Egg Man and Cabbage Man saw no problem with this and agreed.

Until one day Something-for-Nothing Man said “I have all the eggs, all the cabbages and this is my price.”

And thus, capitalism was born.

Written by Smiling Carcass

30/08/2014 at 9:18 PM

Posted in capitalism

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