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‘Jobcentres Exist To Ration Access To Benefits’

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An army of unemployed, homeless people with nothing left to lose roaming the street? Is that what this cruellition really want?

Same Difference

The Guardian had such a large response to the case of David Clapson that they have today published a selection of readers’ comments as an article.

Readers, maybe, just maybe, the mainstream press are starting to listen.

“Staff make you run around in circles”

With hardship payments, it isn’t just that people don’t know, but even when you do know they exist, staff make you run around in circles to get them.

I was sanctioned over Christmas 2013 for 4 weeks. The way DWP did it in my case was my claim was suspended for two weeks (the time they said it took to come to a decision on the sanction) and sanctioned for a further two weeks. During the suspension Jobcentre staff told me I could not apply for hardship, although after a quite tense conversation a staff member gave me the forms. I was told I could not…

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10/08/2014 at 3:53 PM

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