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Case Of David Clapson Sparks Calls For National Inquiry

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My God, this bloke just wanted some help while he looked for work and Duncan Smith’s cruel sanctions killed him- there is no other way to say it.

Sanctions for missing one appointment are well out of order and anybody should be given a chance to explain why they missed their appointment, not just sanctioned.

“there’s another one towards this month’s bonus” (An Interview With @JobCentreMole About DWP Corruption)

Same Difference

Some have asked if this would have happened if David Clapson had not been a former soldier.

I, however, see this as a very small piece of progress. I’m always grateful for progress, whatever the reasons for it.

The case of a diabetic former soldier from Stevenage, who died after his benefits were sanctioned, has led to calls for a national review.

Last week, the Advertiser told the story of David Clapson, who could not afford electricity to keep his insulin cool after his jobseeker’s allowance of approximately £70 a week was suspended on June 28 last year.

Just three weeks later – on July 20 – he died aged 59 at his home in Hillside from fatal diabetic keto-acidosis, which the NHS calls “a dangerous complication of diabetes caused by a lack of insulin.”

Talking to the Advertiser, leader of Stevenage Council Cllr Sharon Taylor said the case…

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