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Council boss gets £25,000 pay rise while lowest paid offered two per cent

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It doesn’t matter how much they have saved; huge pay increases to the top echelon while those at the bottom are limited to 2% is wrong and unjustifiable.

And to argue the 2% is more than government recommends is fatuous.

The half a million they saved due to restructuring should have been used to give the lower paid workers an increase, not a 20% increase to one man.


A council chief executive’s pay has rocketed 25 per cent in two years whilst its lowest paid workers have been offered two per cent, prompting calls for more scrutiny on top public sector pay.

The head of Hambleton District Council, Phillip Morton, was taken on in 2012 at £100,000 and is now earning £125,000 after management restructuring.

Previously the North Yorkshire authority had shared the chief executive role and senior management team with neighbouring Richmondshire District Council under its money-saving, shared services agreement.

But when the shared chief executive left, the two councils re-established their own management teams.

Although Mr Morton’s salary is amongst the lowest for chief executives in the North-East and North Yorkshire, the timing of the rise has been criticised, with many tax payers struggle to afford essentials with the cost of living crisis.

A Hambleton District Councillor, who this week tried to raise the…

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27/07/2014 at 6:54 PM

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