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Young? Unemployed? Don’t Expect A Job At The DWP

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Although lucky enough to be working now (should I feellucky to be working?) when I was unemployed, most of the staff I encountered were seriously dumb. That’s not to say some weren’t intelligent and often very helpful; just most were thick and ‘jobsworthy’.

One incident will, I think suffice to elucidate. When told I had to attend a basic maths and English course I explained I had ‘O’ levels in both subjects and that I was currently studying for my HND in Applied IT (having passed my HNC) and that the level of maths and English required for the course was way beyond ‘A’ level requirements, so what was the point?

Then I was told that it wasn’t compulsory, but I had to go! When I pointed out the stupidity of such a statement, I was threatened with sanctions because if I was doing a part time (evening) university course, I wasn’t available for work. I wasn’t sanctioned- because I dared them to do so- with the threat of great publicity if they tried.

So, I think I am quite capable of doing a job at the Jobcentre- probably better than most of the thickos employed there- but frequent requests for consideration were rejected out of hand.

It’s a bit like the old joke- I applied to join the police, but wasn’t accepted; I passed the intelligence test.

the void

mcvey1“I have always said that I will do everything I can to help equip young people with the skills they need to get their foot on the ladder – everything I can to encourage employers to open their doors to young people – and everything I can to support the youth of today to get on in life.”  Esther McVey responding to employment statistics February 2014

Despite endless government initiatives aimed at bringing down youth unemployment, just 1% of staff at the DWP are under 25 in a workforce that numbers almost 100,000.

The shocking admission comes in the department’s annual equality report which also shows that only 4.3% of DWP workers are between the ages of 25 and 29.   These figures come despite the Employment Minister Esther McVey repeatedly trying to tell us that young unemployed people are on of her ‘key concerns’.  Turns out she’s far more concerned…

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15/07/2014 at 8:36 AM

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