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Snouts In The Trough, Let’s Make Sure Everyone Knows What Welfare-to-work Industry Parasites Are Up To #intowork2014

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My experience of back-to-work schemes run by private concerns is they are abysmal. Not one found me a job; one even asked to use MY standard letter of application I had writtenmyself for themselves- yet couldn’t find me a job with them.

When I found work, the scheme I was currently forced into had no input whatsoever; I found the work by my own efforts, but they continued to harangue me with letters and ‘phone calls requesting details, which I refused to supply on the basis they were not instrumental or even assistive in my finding work and they weren’t using MY efforts to support their statistics and greed.

the void

Delegates at tomorrow's workfare conference will enjoy a slap up meal whilst their victims queue outside foodbanks Delegates at tomorrow’s workfare conference will enjoy a slap up meal whilst their victims queue outside foodbanks

Child poverty, eviction, special dietary needs going unmet, ill health, street homelessness, depression, suicide attempts, self-harming, relationships fracturing, utilities being disconnected, people with mental health conditions being sectioned, claimants forced to beg, go through bins or steal to survive – all of these things have been well documented as the consequences of benefit sanctions.  And all of them are acceptable as punishment for missing a meeting with your fucking Work Programme provider the vile participants in tomorrow’s workfare conference believe.

Almost one million benefit sanctions are now handed out every year by Jobcentres and the welfare-to-work sector. Benefit sanctions are one of the main reasons so many families are queuing at foodbanks.  Children are not just going hungry, but without toys, clothes, days out, Christmas or birthday presents, all because their parent’s have…

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08/07/2014 at 8:43 AM

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