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Government assessment delays are causing deaths – are ministers trying to shift blame?

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They should all be expelled- every last one of ’em.

No coalition govt. should be allowed to make the sweeping changes to benefits and other legislation that this un-mandated shower have.

I’d like to see that in a Labour manifesto.

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He knows he's in trouble: Mike Penning, staring down the hole in his claims about Atos. He knows he’s in trouble: Mike Penning, staring down the hole in his claims about Atos.

The Liverpool Echo has reported the death of a woman who had been ordered to claim the new Personal Independence Payment – and was then denied any benefit payments for six months.

At the same time, we have learnt that disabilities minister Mike Penning has been caught giving false evidence to a Parliamentary committee on the way contracts for the assessment of disability benefits have been awarded.

The two are not unconnected, it seems.

Annette Francis was found dead at her home in Garston on May 22. She had been suffering severe mental illness but had not received a single penny of disability benefit for six months, since the Department for Work and Pensions had stopped her claim for Disability Living Allowance and told her to apply for PIP.

She did so – but…

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08/06/2014 at 4:57 PM

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