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I can’t understand why folks fall for UKIP’s agenda.

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Why do people fall for the tripe UKIP roll out; or for the tripe any right wing political group rolls out for that matter?

I think they fall into two main camps; those that believe and those that want to believe.

Those who believe genuinely consider foreigners to be the root of all evil, human rights to really be anti-human rights legislation and that if they lie hard enough for long enough, people will believe the lie (anecdotal and to some extent objective evidence seems to support this view).

Those who want to believe are either lazy and cannot be bothered to find out for themselves, so just go along with the lie (UKIP and other right wing groups, including the media are very good at making the lie sound plausible.) or they aren’t well enough educated (not necessarily their fault and it is NOT meant to be an insult) to make informed choices, so they are convinced by the plausibility of the lies that are often not so much lies but half-truths that can easily be made to sound credible because while they have a foundation in truth, they are inaccurate because all the facts are not presented.

I often consider the BNP in the ‘70s, complaining about foreigners (usually black or Asian) ‘coming over here and claiming dole’. They (conveniently) forget they were invited to do the dirty jobs we British felt were beneath us and that many stood shoulder to shoulder, giving their lives for the Commonwealth in WWII; and that as members of the Commonwealth were perfectly entitled to come to Britain to better themselves.

Then, as work became scarcer as we ran into the ‘80s, these same scroungers were taking all our jobs. Well, which is it; are they scroungers or employment thieves? The fact is they are, in the main neither, any more than all single mums just want a council house (what? You’ll be lucky! Are there any left?)

Remember, once these groups, should they be put in apposition of power, have dealt with the blacks, the Asians, the Poles and the Latvians their raison d’être dictates they will need another racial, economic or social group to marginalise and eliminate. YOU may be a member of that group they find so distasteful. Remember that when you place your ‘X’ on the ballot paper.


Written by Smiling Carcass

07/05/2014 at 8:54 AM

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  1. Reblogged this on Vox Political.

    Mike Sivier

    07/05/2014 at 9:42 AM

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    07/05/2014 at 10:18 AM

  3. Why do people fall for the propaganda that the anti UKIP people keep going on about xenophobic and racist, the intelligent of course look closely at what it actually stands for rather than allowing themselves to be mislead by the knuckle draggers who repeat fabrications printed by europhiles ad hominum. this is from the UKIP site and believe me the people of ethinic minorities who support and indeed are standing for office within UKIP are getting tired of being called racists by a mainly white opposition to the freedoms UKIP want for everybody.

    Barry Davies

    07/05/2014 at 10:19 AM

    • You are perfectly entitled to your opinion and to express it, hence my approval for publication of your comment in the interests of openness and debate.

      However, I will add I am neither a knuckle-dragger, nor do I lack intelligence; neither am I led to my opinion by anybody, but come to it based on the politics of far-right political parties and history.

      Smiling Carcass

      08/05/2014 at 9:19 AM

  4. Using that picture to back your anti ukip position, not positive to anyone of course is way beyond the levels of taste. maybe one showing the people in poverty due to the conlablibdem coalitions anti vulnerable policies would be better.

    Barry Davies

    07/05/2014 at 10:21 AM

  5. I’d say it’s more that even the most critical thinkers (and most people are NOT critical thinkers) will have prejudices, and most people love having their prejudices reinforced. UKIP panders to many of the most basic ‘anyone-who-is-different-from-me-is-not-as-good-as-me-and-the-more-they-differ-the-worse-they-are’ prejudices.


    07/05/2014 at 10:44 AM

    • I think the image that is posted at the top of this thread shows far more prejudice than anything actually written in the piece that automatically misleads people, and presents a direct link that indicates UKIP are shooting Jews and disabled people. It is not acceptable to use this sort of imagery against anyone. Your view of UKIP members is also far from the truth, How does allowing the people of this country the respect to make a choice make them think they are better than everyone else, surely that is the stance of those who consider the people of Britain to be incapable of making a rational decision who feel they are better than everyone else. Wanting controlled immigration is not being better than everyone else either, it is after all the way in which the vast majority of nations through out the world behave or are you saying the majority are wrong because they don’t agree with a small minority of capitalists who want huge numbers of people applying for jobs so they can suppress wage costs in europe?

      Barry Davies

      07/05/2014 at 11:22 AM

      • “I think the image that is posted at the top of this thread shows far more prejudice than anything actually written in the piece that automatically misleads people, and presents a direct link that indicates UKIP are shooting Jews and disabled people.”
        This remark highlights a strange serial detail of many UKIP-supporters; a tendency toward over-literalness. No one is implying that UKIP are actually going around exterminating Jews, or any group, they are highlighting similarities between right wing parties such as UKIP and the early rhetoric of the Nazis. The Nazis started out presenting themselves as ‘politely pragmatic’ about outsiders, arguing that they should be excluded for purely practical reasons, and then gradually went down the slippery slope into violence over the course of years.

        “Your view of UKIP members is also far from the truth”
        I did not express a view on UKIP members in my original comment. I said that most people (‘Kippers or otherwise) are not critical thinkers.

        “How does allowing the people of this country the respect to make a choice make them think they are better than everyone else,”
        It doesn’t. The tendency to view people from abroad with suspicion and hostility is what makes them think they are better than everyone else. Whether you personally have that attitude or not, there are a great many UKIP-supporters who do. There are also a great many among them who believe the urban myth that there is widescale welfare-abuse among immigrants (when benefit claims among immigrants is actually lower per-head than in the wider population).

        “Wanting controlled immigration is not being better than everyone else either, it is after all the way in which the vast majority of nations through out the world behave or are you saying the majority are wrong because they don’t agree with a small minority of capitalists who want huge numbers of people applying for jobs so they can suppress wage costs in europe?”
        Unfortunately, ‘controlled immigration’ is a platitude and not all that well defined. People in UKIP, including even Nigel Farage, have argued outright for banning immigration altogether (“We’re full”/”Time to pull up the drawbridge” etc), so ‘controlled’ is a euphemism for shutting the borders altogether, which is both xenophobic and impossible to enforce.


        29/05/2015 at 10:34 AM

  6. Why do people take on board the UKIP message? Probably because of the outright lies told by those who oppose them. Like you sir. Your banner image suggests that Farage is going to preside over the murders of the weak in massive numbers – probably on a scale not matched by the Holocaust. If you don’t believe that, why employ such an image? You’re a scandal monger. Where is your evidence that Faragists will either kill people or stand idly by whilst others do so in their name. Claptrap. Maybe you might draw to the attention of your readers the fact that a Conservative politician (remember them – the bogeymen of the nasty party who you used to hate with every fibre of your very being?) has called for the tasering of all drunks in Camden on every Friday night. Where is your outrage there? UKIP have never countenanced such a policy or any that are similar. No, it doesn’t fit your somewhat illogical protests. Not this time ’round anyway. Or maybe it’s because the New Labour party wasted the very best gilt-edged opportunity to turn this Country around that has ever materialised. Mandelson – the guy who had to fiddle his mortgage application – suddenly, after some time in the ‘European construct’ so beloved of socialists, quickly becomes a millionaire on the backs of the British working class. The electorate ain’t stupid mate. They remember the liars. So if UKIP are liars, then in the name of equality they should be afforded the opportunity to show themselves at least not as bad as the other liars of the ‘3 main parties’. As a service to your readers as well, maybe you can maintain a ‘murders by UKIP folk’ meter, in order that your salacious point can be proven beyond doubt by the time the general election looms.

    Guy Ropes

    07/05/2014 at 11:24 AM

  7. For most people their views are determined by what they see and hear in their everyday lives. Although these experiences may be limited it forms the basis for their views.
    People did not suddenly turn to UKIP because UKIP were against Europe or immigration but because “in their experience” immigration had become a problem.
    Most people have experience or knowledge of immigrants taking over particular employment sectors (car washes in my area) or affecting school numbers / housing allocations to some degree. These are not fictions but facts.

    However, it is not a issue of immigration in itself it is an issue of being lied to by the other parties. The majority of people I know have little issue with immigration as such, but combine immigration with cutbacks in local services and jobs and you then have a problem.

    Attempting to provide services and jobs for more people whilst taking an axe to public services and public sector employment is basically playing into the hands of UKIP. To then deny any such growth in population exists when it is plain for all to see (number of Polish shops for example, Tesco’s stocking Polish foods. I am not blaming Poles by the way I am sure there are other cultures in other areas) then again you play into the hands of UKIP.

    Previous waves of immigration referred to, in the 60’s and 70’s were in the main absorbed into a growing economy and as such caused little effect. Since the 80’s however and decimation of our Industrial base it becomes harder and harder to absorb even small numbers of immigrants without causing major social issues.

    If any party addressed the underlying issues of housing and job shortages the Right wing politics of UKIP and to some extent the Tories would disappear overnight.


    07/05/2014 at 11:34 AM

  8. I think you’re missing out the protest voters, in particular those that are voting against other parties, and therefore have no interest in the policies etc of the party they choose to vote for. These voters want to send a message that the other parties are not representing my views. This does not mean that the party they vote for does represent their views. They want their protest to make the loudest noise so they need a party that is going to get a fair number of votes. If the party has controversial views, well that just adds to the noise.


    07/05/2014 at 3:14 PM

  9. The ideas expressed by UKIP are of course not original to UKIP, but it is UKIP that has managed to turn those ‘gripes’ into real support from the poor and the marginalised. It’s of course easy to blame others for the failings of society, and rather than attack the wealthy who are the real culprits, (and who can fight back through their control of the media, and in extreme, the military) it’s far easier to blame the newly arrived who are virtually powerless.

    I was recently talking to one of my neighbours, who like me is long term unemployed (we are both in our late 50s… ). He was of the opinion that it was immigrants who were to blame. I’m far fron convinced that he understood my point when I pointed out to him that neither he nor I would be living in this country were it not for immigration – Ireland in my case, and Egypt in his. However, I doubt the fact that Nigel Farage’s Hugenot ancestry has a lot of impact on his thinking about immigration either.

    UKIP is the bastard child of Thatcherism, though all the present political parties, (Labour especially as they had 13 years in which to reverse the ills of Thatcherism, but chose to adopt and extend those policies instead) are culpable.


    07/05/2014 at 6:15 PM

  10. The next election will be fought on xenophobic lies and slurs about immigration, begun by the Junta and picked up by the likes of UKIP and the BNP. Whether you like it or not (and personally, I hate seeing what my country has become) there are millions of white van men and racist pensioners in the UK who have had four years of the Junta saying “there’s too many of em over here taking our jobs and houses” and they will vote based on that. These are the people Labour needs to be reaching, but Miliband has washed his hands of the whole issue, especially on Europe, instead of challenging and debunking the falsehoods on which the premise is based.

    That is why Labour will lose in 2015, consigning us to another five years of Tory nuclear winter, and yes, I blame Ed Miliband – or his advisors – or both.

    My campaign leaflet for the local council elections arrived from UKIP this week. It’s a slick production. All that’s missing is the free dog-whistle sellotaped to the cover, and it presses all of the buttons that will get the white van men and racist grannies trundling out in droves to vote for Farage and his band of merry men. Men who believe that women should wear skirts and clean behind the fridge because that is more likely to give a man an erection, or something. UKIP, in their leaflet, are very, very careful, unlike that buffoon Jeremy Clarkson, to accidentally say the very word they are striving to avoid. In fact, they don’t even mention the woodpile. But it’s all in there. “We can deport foreign criminals (even if they have a cat)” they say, referring to a case where the judge actually ruled that the fact that the accused has a girlfriend a place to stay, and a pet was overall evidence of a settled life in the UK. But the people who will read this leaflet and act on it won’t remember that fine detail, because they are people whose lips tend to move even when they are not reading.

    They are also a bit short on detail: apparently we should not fear withdrawing from the EU because “we’re one of France and Germany’s biggest customers, and they sell us … £50 billion more than we sell them every year” – So a balance of payments crisis is a good thing, then? And the cost of imported goods wouldn’t rise outside of a common market? Two pages further on we’re being told that “Only by being outside the EU can we negotiate our own global trade agreements” – and this would make British exports grow how, exactly? The fact is, the only good thing about Europe is the Common Market, which is what I thought we had first joined.

    UKIP’s detailed policies are clearly bollocks, but that doesn’t matter, because the current of suppressed, aggrieved racism they tap into, coupled with people’s dissatisfaction with the “established parties” and their snouts-in-trough approach, will be enough to ensure a massive protest vote in their favour in two weeks’ time. In his unashamed nationalist posturing and his willingness to surf a hidden rip-tide of casual racism, Nigel Farage is the English Alex Salmond. And I blame the following people for creating him: the Tory Junta for their anti immigrant black propaganda, no pun intended, which they have been pumping out since 2010 and which has now, under the law of unintended consequences, turned round to bite them on the bum as it is actually fuelling support for UKIP, and yes, once again, the Labour Party, for failing to engage with the issue, ignoring it, ignoring their white core working class supporters, and creating a political vacuum to be filled by UKIP, instead of providing a balanced, nuanced and believable alternative debate to the problems of immigration and the EU political project.


    07/05/2014 at 6:19 PM

  11. Why is anything right-wing immediately ‘tripe’? I’m all for reasoned debate but bigotry and fascism is not the exclusive preserve of any particular wing; it is a mind-set available to all. UKIP\s biggest strong point is that they portray themselves as acting on behalf of ordinary people. Clearly this isn’t all people but (in my opinion) Labour, Lib-Dem and the Tories come across as no more than self-serving professional power seekers. This leaves the local independent candidate who wants to prevent the closure of a school/hospital etc. Vote for who you believe can best represent you with real policies that affect every aspect of your life and not merely border controls.

    Den Bean

    08/05/2014 at 11:48 PM

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