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Barack Obama’s ‘State of the Union’ speech for 2014.

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Last night at work I watched Obama’s ‘State of the Union’ speech for 2014.

His main premise was to support the middle class and make the step up to becoming middle class a possibility for all.

Anybody notice the flaw in this view? WE CANNOT ALL BE MIDDLE CLASS!

What is middle class; is it an income bracket? Then, surely the easy way to make us all middle class is to pay the working class better- but then the current middle class will want more, and so on we go.   

But middle class is not purely an income bracket; it is how you earn your income (the relative level of income being inherently more than working class). The middle class are professionals, business persons etc.

And we cannot all be those things- or who produces the goods to sell, who works to pay the wages of the bankers and the businessmen?

So, what are we saying to those that cannot aspire to the middle classes? You are left behind, in a lower income bracket to support, through your hard labour producing the saleable goods and assets the non- productive professionals and businessmen of the middle class.

This is the capitalist system; this is the class system.

We have to get away from this thinking and support the worker, whose hard labour produces the profits that pay the non-productive petit bourgeoisie.

Written by Smiling Carcass

29/01/2014 at 9:32 AM

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