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I am a Communist, a Marxist.

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I am a Communist, a Marxist.

You can read all the literature you wish to in your quest for ‘communism’ but ultimately, you will know in your heart whether you are really a Communist.

Communism is an ideal, rather than a political, social or economic strategy.

I know in my heart and I believe, most sincerely in the redistribution of the wealth for the good of the people; I know in my heart there should be no reason for communism or the redistribution of wealth, for without the greed of individualism as an enemy to the common good, we would all be wealthy, as wealthy as our communal prosperity allows.

Communism has had, currently has and will continue to have a bad press, for the capitalists hate communism; they hate it because it takes their wealth, power and privilege and gives it back to the disenfranchised, the poor and the hungry; the very people who create the wealth, through their hard labour, their blood, sweat and tears.

You will be told, by the capitalists about the fall of communism. They will tell you how the Stalinist USSR fell; they will point out the bad things in Cuba and China.

They will not tell you Stalin was not a socialist, much less a communist. They will not tell you how the capitalist West conspired with him to create a divided Germany.

An isolated communist society cannot survive in a global capitalist regime; an isolated socialist agenda cannot prosper in a global capitalist world.

I can only say there are far more poor people in this world than rich; we have the power, if we have the will.


Written by Smiling Carcass

07/12/2013 at 8:04 PM

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