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Will Miliband Axe the Tax?

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“Tweedledum and Tweedledee; not sure and… err.. not sure. ”

The Mirror reports that “Bedroom Tax: Ed Miliband says Labour will scrap hated levy”

“Labour WILL repeal the Bedroom Tax. The only question remaining is when…

…Shadow ­chancellor Ed Balls has been resisting any promise to reverse the housing benefit rule which costs tenants an average £12 a week for an extra bedroom.”

I still think they are dithering for a reason- they will not repeal the tax or why not take the moral high ground, get their poll ratings through the roof and WIN THE 2015 ELECTION with a landslide that will tell the Tories and Liberal Democrats not to slam the door on the way out by coming out and saying so NOW?

I think they will only apply the tax to those unwilling to move, and some other legitimate groups such as the disabled and hope that this will be enough to quell the rising anger at this tax and Labour for being too shifty to trust.

My view is that this would not be good enough and we should not be lulled into a false sense of achievement. Nothing short of repeal for EVERYBODY affected is good enough. They should also commit to writing off arrears accrued as a result of the BT. If they want my vote they will have to come out and say so, no ifs and buts, no ‘we intend’ or other clever parliamentary politico double-speak; an out and out we WILL repeal the bedroom tax, no matter what the cost and it will not be replaced with any other form of forfeit, imposition or tax on the most needy in society or any other coercion to prise people from their homes.

If necessary, tax the rich to pay for its repeal- though the figures suggest this will not be required.

By the way, for the ‘tax’ deniers, lists the antonym of ‘subsidy’ is ‘tax’; so, if you remove a subsidy, you charge a tax, n’est pas?


Written by Smiling Carcass

01/09/2013 at 6:23 PM

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