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Who will (unofficially) sponsor David Cameron’s next Prime Ministerial statements?

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The Conservative-led Coalition has become an excellent practitioner of bait-and-switch fraud, it seems. First it ‘baits’ the general public by promising a new law, reforming part of society that is seen to have fallen below the standards expected here in the UK. Then it ‘switches’ the legislation into something else entirely.

So it is with plans for a new law to end lobbying scandals. It won’t do anything of the sort. In fact, it is likely to lessen the legal burdens on lobbyists.

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My personal opinion is don’t allow lobbying where there is a demonstrable interest. If an MP or his family or close associates would or could gain political, financial or other personal advantage from supporting a lobbyist’s agenda, then they should be barred from speaking or voting on the issue.


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