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Tamworth trials being sent 100-mile round trip away due to backlog

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The Tamworth Herald reported this story here-

and commented here-

However, they failed to identify other important consequences of this policy.

Whatever happened to the government’s much vocalised ‘localism’ whereby they proposed that local people should have a greater say on local issues.

The closing of Tamworth’s Magistrates Court has obviously put such a burden on Burton’s court that cases now have to be heard up to 60 miles away.

While I applaud the Tamworth Herald’s condemnation of this obstruction to justice, they failed to highlight, in their opinion column on page 10 of Thursday, 4th’s issue, that the cases that were to be sent to these distant courts are cases where the accused pleads not guilty and a trial must take place. How is this justice? This is tantamount to punishment for daring to deny charges brought; it will, no doubt (and I believe the government understand this) encourage those charged with lesser offences to plead guilty rather than face the expense of and stress of such a journey.

Justice is dying in the U.K. and we area allowing it to happen; our rights are being eroded daily, with loss of benefits for daring to legally refuse a benefits advisors instructions or requests; courts held in difficult to reach places if you dare plead innocent; a determined, but so far unsuccessful attempt to take away workers rights for a few worthless shares.

I have used the word ‘dictatorship’ in previous communications; I use it again here with no less fervour. When your access to justice is restricted, that is another step, rather leap on the road to this despicable form of government.


Written by Smiling Carcass

08/07/2013 at 5:03 PM

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