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Labour policies are in ‘disarray’

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Cllr Robert Pritchard;

Councillor Robert Pritchard


Cllr Robert Pritchard has made his case here-


Unfortunately, he doesn’t see the parallels with his own party’s policy. So I thought he might need reminding-


“One might argue that the Tory party suffers a similar but opposite schizophrenia when it gives away public money to private enterprise to run public services- a fair proportion of which is taken as pure profit, profit that could be used for improved services, better wages for employees or even to keep taxes for the ordinary worker in check.

As for the Labour government blaming everything but Labour for the so-called recession, the Tory party are equally vociferous in blaming nothing but Labour when they are fully aware there was a global recession caused by, and the more cynical might say created by the bankers- such as the Rothschild’s, Goldman Sachs and the Getty’s.

While I agree the Labour party acted incorrectly as regards the economy, so too are the Tory party, and much more so. How does one stimulate recovery if one is holding down wages, cutting benefits and destroying the will to live, much less work?

Despite opinion to the contrary, a healthy economy runs on the spending power of the many, not the saving power of the few.

Remember, benefits claimants are taxpayers too; they are spenders who are the stimulus, along with the ordinary worker to the economy, not the wealthy with trillions stashed in offshore accounts, paying little U.K. tax whether through evasion or avoidance. If the government were truly determined to reduce the National Debt, they would close these loopholes that would put more money in government coffers than dismantling the welfare state completely (something I believe the government is intent on doing).

The one question the government seems to avoid, and I have yet to hear a reasonable response to is why are they borrowing more and the deficit, and therefore the national debt increasing? The only answer I can reasonably come up with is it is to deplete the countries assets and provide an argument for unnecessary austerity, which we all know hurts the poorest while leaving the rich untouched- nay, richer.”


Written by Smiling Carcass

08/07/2013 at 6:14 PM

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