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Do Labour actually want to win an election?

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Harriet Harman- in competition with the Tories for the political wilderness?

“Harriet Harman- in competition with the Tories for the political wilderness?”

I read this- and was frankly shocked.

“…Government’s failure to install a proper work programme was letting some people “off the hook”.” That is frightening, if Labour think the Tories are letting people “off the hook.”

“The party is working on a policy proposals that would mean benefit payments to those out of work or on low incomes would vary according to their past contributions.”


Payment according to how much you paid in? A tiered system? What if you work in a low paid physical job, work damned hard but consequently pay little tax and get made redundant; you should receive less than somebody who has sat at a desk, earned twice as much and gets made redundant? How much more Tory can you get than that?

And will this mean one unemployed worker gets a subsistence, barely enough to survive on, while another is quite comfortable- and has little incentive to go back to work, at least in the short term? And this based not on how hard they have worked, but how much they have been lucky (or unlucky enough) to earn and pay into the system?

Our welfare system has and should be funded according to your ability to pay and should pay benefits according to your needs. Anything else is, frankly not welfare, but a contributory insurance policy (privatisation?). And it is Labour saying this?

Can somebody tell Harriet Harman that no work program will work for the VERY small minority that do not want to work? Can they also tell her she is in competition with the Tories for the country, not the political wilderness?

And if Labour wants work to pay, repeal the anti-union legislation that has contributed to workers inability to negotiate a fair days pay.

Written by Smiling Carcass

10/04/2013 at 6:09 AM

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