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Only Fuel and Horses

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I was trying- ‘cause I love Photoshop- to think of a humorous or critical image to produce and stuck in my head was the ‘horseburger’ fuss. I thought of one or two ideas, but before I could get them into Photoshop, my mind, being what it is (thank you, sacred mushroom!) went on a tangent. I started to think about the real content of burgers, and we all know most of them, if not all aren’t the best meat, lots of water and fillers of various descriptions. Even the ones claiming 90% beef and other such claims have gotta be suspect.

I came to this conclusion because I had what one might term a thought experiment (there I go- comparing myself to Einstein over a burger!). If you went into a restaurant and ordered steak and they said “very well, sir, we’ll remove all the bone, mince the steak and then reconstitute it into a nice shape for you” you’d say “like hell ya will! Bring me a damned steak and do it right!”

So why does beef have to be minced and served to us in a nice flat, round, reconstituted form?

Because it’s all another corporate con! They can get rid of the bits they remove from the best cuts and sell it to the peasants! And we love it!

Right, I’m off for a couple of tubes of minced animal bits and some dried pigs blood. Mmmmm! Pigs blood! (Sausage and black pudding, in case ya didn’t get it.)


Written by Smiling Carcass

21/01/2013 at 5:22 AM

Posted in Humour

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