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Make Tesco’s Responsible!

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The story so far

Almost three weeks ago, I witnessed a member of Tesco staff assault a vulnerable adult. Since then, I have visited the store, made three telephone calls and sent five emails. Tesco have promised to look into the matter and get back in contact me.

They haven’t.

As Tesco earned £2.5billion profit in 2011/12 (on UK revenue alone), I would have thought they can surely afford an efficient and effective Customer Complaints department who are able to address such incidents swiftly and with appropriate response.

Furthermore, it seems that the lack of due weight given to the matter, despite the fact that this was a report of an attack on a clearly vulnerable member of society, would suggest that Tesco is tolerant of such actions by their staff against vulnerable people.

Tesco make a statement of Corporate Responsibility. In this statement Tesco say that they put “the communities we serve at the heart of what we do”. They add that they “we go to great lengths to listen to all our stakeholders and respond to their feedback”.

My experience of the past few weeks, suggests that they don’t do this.

My motive for undertaking this campaign is that I was shocked at what I witnessed and I’ve been angered by Tesco’s indifference rather than being part of a wider anti Tesco agenda. If this incident had occurred in ASDA, Marks and Spencer, or in my corner shop, I would have taken similar action.

The more people who sign the petition will make it more difficult for Tesco to remain indifferent.

Thank you for reading this


Written by Smiling Carcass

10/10/2012 at 3:00 AM

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