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Bedroom Tax for the rich? I don’t think so!

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There is much talk in the press about the Mansion Tax.

I personally don’t expect this tax to amount to much.

There are expected to be exemptions, all of which I envisage being exploited by the wealthy.

For example, one exemption is expected to be for those paying the basic rate of tax, the idea being, I assume that you may have been able to afford to buy a multi-million pound house but have found yourself on ‘hard times’ and should not be expected to pay.

Any decent tax lawyer will sort out that little problem for you. And since many of these homes are investments, the wealthy will buy several ‘cheaper’ properties instead.

Better to return to a rates system, calculated on the value of your home and just like victims of the bedroom tax, pay or get the flick out!

Sorry, Ed; sounds good on paper and grabs the headlines but I fear it is another neo-liberalist/capitalist ploy to placate the masses, while the wealthy will be little affected.

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24/10/2014 at 1:54 PM

Get a job or get evicted! The Tory benefit cap message and the end of social housing!

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Smiling Carcass:

A thought; many are successfully appealing Bedroom Tax decisions. It has been mooted that the Bedroom Tax is, or will soon be defunct.

Is this the Tories new plan to ensure we can’t afford decent housing?

Originally posted on SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites):

Social landlords are stupid enough to let the Tories kill off social housing as they simply don’t get what the welfare reform policies are all about.  None more so than the Overall Benefit Cap which social landlords stupidly believe is only a problem for the private landlord and in high rent areas.  Here is why social landlords are that stupid and why their apathy and lack of thought and lack of challenge will see the social housing model as we know it now disappear.  Time social landlords got angry and time they got off their backsides to challenge the highly dangerous and ill-conceived welfare reform policies rather than say there is nothing we can do!  Read on.

The Tories are set to announce that the overall benefit cap will reduce from £26,000 per year to £23,000 and thus ensure the end of social housing as we know it.  It is about time…

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21/10/2014 at 9:00 AM

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See just how batty the debate over immigration in the UK has become:

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Smiling Carcass:

Reminds me of the old joke; “No-one goes there any more. It gets too crowded”

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

On Question Time last week, Giles Fraser told a funny story which nicely illustrates how batty the whole discussion over immigration has become in the UK.

He said he’d got into a conversation with a taxi driver who told him he was so fed up with the number of foreigners coming to live and work in the UK he was going to move to Spain.

Well just in case anyone thought this kind of absurd opinion was a one-off – have a look at this recent survey by respected polling company ComRes.

When asked if all citizens of other European Union countries should have the right to live and work in the United Kingdom, just 36%of British people agreed.

But when asked whether British people should be free to live and work anywhere in the EU, 52%of British people agreed.

illogical immigration

If someone…

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21/10/2014 at 8:42 AM

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UKIP’s new friends in Europe: “disabled shouldn’t be seen on television”

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Originally posted on Pride's Purge:

(not satire – it’s the UKIP!)

Here are a few quotes from the Polish KNP party – UKIP’s new friends in Europe:

“Democracy is the stupidest form of government ever conceived.”

“Women are dumber than men and should not be allowed to vote”

“Evolution has ensured that women are not too intelligent”

“The general public should not see the disabled on television” (during the 2012 Summer Paralympics)

“The European Commission building should be turned into a brothel.”

“Gays are a gang of louts imported from abroad.”

And here you can see the leader of the KNP Party – Janusz Korwin-Mikke – clearly using the word ‘n*ggers‘ in the European parliament:


Well done Nigel. You’ve just confirmed once and for all every accusation there has ever been of racism, sexism and homophobia against UKIP.

But of course, Farage will get into bed with anyone if £1 million of European Parliament gravy train…

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21/10/2014 at 8:05 AM

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This is what you get when you dare to question a tabloid journalist in the UK

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Originally posted on Pride's Purge:

(not satire sadly)

Recently I wrote a blog post about what happened when I dared to ask a journalist who writes for national newspapers how she managed to ‘trace’ (her words) the personal phone numbers and home addresses of Twitter users:

Daily Mail hack boasts about being able to ‘trace’ personal phone numbers of Twitter users

My polite enquiry resulted in extremely aggressive trolling by a handful of her supporters as well as a threat to sue me for libel if I continued “being an idiot” as she put it:

Mail hack threatens to sue me for asking how she traced Twitter users’ personal information

That was 5 days ago – the trolling and insults have continued by her supporters and if anything have been getting worse.

So I thought I should share some of the choicest insults with you from a handful of her supporters (trigger warning – bad language, violent…

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19/10/2014 at 8:15 PM

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UK government shuts down free speech with threats of jail (tabloid newspapers exempted)

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Smiling Carcass:

So, this stupid woman, a nobody from breakfast TV can effectively say it’s ok to rape a woman if you get her pissed first, but if somebody says I’ll come and show you what rape is like it becomes criminal?

The government has and does use trolling on a regular basis to undermine legitimate online protest. I have been a victim of it myself; their technique is to initially befriend you, agree with you then to turn on you- a psychological technique designed to put you off guard.

While no form of bullying or threatening is acceptable, we have to be very careful where the line is drawn. There is a very fine line between repression and freedom, because a law that sets you free may represses me, and a law that sets me free may repress you.

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

When government ministers or members of the establishment talk about free speech, they don’t mean free speech for plebs like you and me.

As an illustration of this, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has just announced 2 year jail sentences for anyone found to have been dishing out abuse on social media.

But the law will not apply to tabloid newspapers, who dish out abuse on a regular basis – sometimes with tragic consequences.

If the government thinks dishing out abuse online should result in jail, fair enough. But the laws must also apply to newspaper barons too.

What we are seeing now is a concerted effort by the establishment to shut down the free speech of plebs like you and me – with threats of jail – while at the same time allowing tabloid newspaper owners to abuse anyone they want at will.

And as if…

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19/10/2014 at 8:08 PM

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Lord Freud is not the L’Oreal man – His worth? Time he was FACT off

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Smiling Carcass:

Who can trust a turncoat anyway?

Originally posted on SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites):

Lord Freud’s remarks were, by his own admission, offensive.  If he had said ‘blacks’ or ‘women’ or ‘gays’ were ONLY WORTH £2 per hour the true offence of his words come to the fore.

Note well I use ‘blacks’ and not black people as that is the same offensive and condescending label Freud use of ‘the disabled’ when he referred to this group of people.  The true offence of his words and thoughts were heightened by this condescension and bigoted use of language and especially in the context of discussing their worth.

It is extremely dangerous ground for any politician to open a debate about people’s monetary worth as then it opens up the meritocratic debate about how much they are worth – and in Lord Freud’s case that becomes a minus figure per hour.

Lord Freud, the architect of the bedroom tax and the (unelected) welfare minister charged…

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19/10/2014 at 7:44 PM

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